Wound Healing Activity of Topical Application Forms Based on Ayurveda.

Author: Datta HS, Mitra SK, Patwardhan B.
Chief Academics, Manipal Education, 14 Airport Road, Manipal Towers, Bangalore - 560 008, India. bhushan.patwardhan@manipalu.com.
Conference/Journal: Evid Based Complement Alternat Med.
Date published: 2009 Feb 27
Other: Word Count: 165

The traditional Indian medicine-Ayurveda, describes various herbs, fats, oils and minerals with anti-aging as well as wound healing properties. With aging, numerous changes occur in skin, including decrease in tissue cell regeneration, decrease in collagen content, loss of skin elasticity and mechanical strength. We prepared five topical anti-aging formulations using cow ghee, flax seed oil, Phyllanthus emblica fruits, Shorea robusta resin, Yashada bhasma as study materials. For preliminary efficacy evaluation of the anti-aging activity we chose excision and incision wound healing animal models and studied the parameters including wound contraction, collagen content and skin breaking strength which in turn is indicative of the tissue cell regeneration capacity, collagenation capacity and mechanical strength of skin. The group treated with the formulations containing Yashada bhasma along with Shorea robusta resin and flax seed oil showed significantly better wound contraction (P<0.01), higher collagen content (P < 0.05) and better skin breaking strength (P<0.01) as compared to control group; thus proposing them to be effective prospective anti-aging formulations.