[Effect of oxyhydromassage therapy on some physiological parameters.]

Author: Malomsoki J.
Országos Orvosi Rehabilitációs Intézet Budapest Budaörsi út 30. 1118.
Conference/Journal: Orv Hetil.
Date published: 2009 Jan 25
Other: Volume ID: 150 , Issue ID: 4 , Pages: 161-4 , Special Notes: [Article in Hungarian] , Word Count: 270

The oxygen uptake of the living organism through the cardiorespiratory system is one of the most basic physiological procedures, and the capacity for the oxygen uptake is an important parameter of both the health and the performance of the living organism. During the past decade several experiments have been performed in order to elaborate a hyperoxygenisation method which avoids the respiratory system. The consumption of oxygen-rich mineral water and its application in hydromassage are also such methods. The combination of the two methods was applied on 57 overweight volunteers during a 3-week treatment period. Their average values were the following: body mass index 29.5+/-5.5; body fat rate 35.2+/-8.6%. The treatment was called oxyhydromassage. Before and after the treatment certain somatic parameters were determined, and also parameters which verify the fact of hyperoxygenisation. Data show that the average loss of body weight was 2.3+/-1.9 kg, and that the body fat rate and the body mass index also decreased. The average decrease of the body fat rate was 3.2+/-2.7%, while that of the body mass index was 0.7+/-0.5. Hyperoxygenisation occurred in 68-75% of the participants, while somatic changes in 79-83%. These results are significant at a 5% level. One can presume that due to the hyperoxygenisation effect the oxidative (aerob) energy supply accelerated in the mitochondrium of the muscular fibres, and this process contributed to the oxidation of fats, too. The authors found that hyperoxygenisation achieved by the oxyhydromassage treatment had several beneficial effects on most of the participants. Further therapic applications of the oxyhydromassage, especially if it is combined with other vasodilatation methods, e.g. biomagnetic method, can be of even greater importance.