Pathological studies on treating rat gastric ulcer treated with emitted qi

Author: Lu Guangjun 1//Cai Jun 1//Chen Xiaoye 2
Qigong Dept, Xiyuan Hospital, China [1] //Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, China Academy of Traditional Medicine, Beijing, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 51 , Word Count: 275

We used Wistar rats, male, weight 195+-25.0 g, with acetic acid to establish model. The animals were divided into two group: group 1, 10 rats; group 2, 10 rats, normal food, and receiving external qi treatment for 21 days, the qi was emitted from laogong, the distance between rats and the palm of hand is 40 cm. Treatment was done daily involving 10 rats, and each time lasts 20 minutes.

Results show:

1. there was no difference in appearance between the two groups.

2. weight: group 1, 306.58+-8.55 g, group 2, 238.11+-11.51 g, P<0.001.

3. there was no difference in gastric serous membrane, but for mucosa, in group 1 it was light red, in group 2, pink red.

4. the desmoplastic index: group 1, 6.38+-1.02, group 2, 2.86+-0.34, P<0.05.

5. there was no difference in the ulcer index.

6. recovery rate of ulcer proper layer: group 1, 0.74+-0.062, group 2 0.93+-0.038 P<0.05.

7. pathomorphology: group 1, all layers were affected, penetrating ulcers appeared, proper glandula dismissed. In the bottom of the ulcers, the layer of granulation tissue transited to scar tissue; group 2 compared with group 1, the epithelium growth was very active, exudation and necrosis decreased, granulation tissue was clear, the number of fibroblast and new capillary vessels remarkably increased.

The lab results show that external qi of qigong has curative effects on experimental gastric ulcer of rat. The treatment could improve the nutrition of gastric tissue, enhance the resistance of the mucosa, decrease the necrosis of the tissue, improve the recovery of gastric epithelium, facilitate the blood supply of granulation tissue and enhance the activity of fibroblast. The recuperation of the ulcer is enhanced and the ulcer would is healed quickly. In addition, wai qi could add the weight of rat, the mechanism needs further research.