Utilizing qigong (emitted qi) to make people sleep and wake up

Author: Zhong Ziliang 1//Yu Bingzhen 2//Wang Jianmin 2
Teacher's Office of Biological Medical Engineering of Shandong Medical University, Shandong, China [1] //Animal's Experimental Center, Physiological Teacher's Office of Shandong Medical University, Shangdong, China' [2]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 36 , Word Count: 258

We have found that in 50 persons who are more sensitive to idea transform and performed the experiment on 2 of them.

Case No. 1
Testee: Mr. Li
Diagnosis: Neurogenic deafness (2 ears) and tinitus.

Research purpose and procedure: the author utilize the idea transform and try to treat the deafness and tinitus through main and collateral channels. The testee was willing to accept the idea transform experiment and treatment.

At beginning of experiment, the researcher facing the testee emitted the idea transform to help him go to sheep. 203 minutes later, the testee fell into sleep. While Mr. Li was sleeping a blood sample was taken and analyzed. It was shown that the CO2 pressure was increased, suggesting that Mr. Li was really sleeping and was not hypnotized.

15 minutes after the testee sleeping, the researcher transformed his sleeping idea into awaking idea. 2 minutes later Mr. Li woke up gradually.

Case No. 2
Testee: Mr. Liu
Diagnosis: Neurasthenia and Insomnia (ten years).

Research purpose and procedure:

The testee asked Professor Zong Zi Liang to treat his neurasthenia and insomnia and was willing to accept the idea transform experiment.

When the experiment began the tester was sitting facing Mr. Liu and the distance between them was 6 meters. The tester emitted sleeping idea to help Mr. Liu sleep. Within 2 minutes Mr. Liu fell into a deep sleep.

After his sound sleep which lasted 15 minutes, the tester changed his sleeping idea into awaking idea transform. 2 minutes later Mr Liu woke up gradually.

In the above 2 cases we repeated the experiment many times and obtained the same results.