Effect of qigong (emitted qi), PSI, and bioradiation on some ultraviolet absorption spectra (I)

Author: Luo Xin//Zhu Nianlin//Li Liping//Liu Fengzhen
Yunnan University, Kunming, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 30 , Word Count: 528

With the action of qi (vital energy emitted by qigong master Zhang Yuanming far away from Shanghai), we performed, here in Xi'an, the experiment, in which the structures of matter were changed to a certain degree.

Only one of those matters, namely, ethanol, will be discussed here.

1. Distance Between Energy Levels

As is shown n the table attached to the end of this paper, the whole spectrum, ranging from ultraviolet to infra-red, under the action of qi, was changed obviously.

The maximum change in wave numbers, occurring at ultraviolet 3200A, was as high as 1.8938 x 10 per cm. While the minimum occurring at infrared 9600A, was 2.216 x 10^3 per cm. As is known to us all, the absorption (radiation) spectrum of a matter is determined by its own structure. And the wavelength of each spectrum, is determined by the distance between the transition orbits of electrons. This can be shown in the energy level graph. Meanwhile there is the following formula, hvij = Ej-Ei. Here hv is a series of constants for a certain matter. The fact that the absorption peaks of ethanol ranging from ultraviolet to infra-red moves towards log wavelength under the action of qi indicates that the distance between energy levels is shortened.

2. Changes in the Number of the Particles in Energy Levels

The absorption spectrum reflects the amount of light which particles (molecules, atoms, etc.) absorbed. The absorption rate is related to the number of particles in energy levels. The absorption rate of ethanol, after acted upon by qi, is changed considerably. The greatest change was 60.8% (lambda=5200A). That's to say, the distribution of ethanol particles (molecules, atoms, etc.) in different energy levels changed.

3. The Effect on the Structure of Matters

To sum up, the absorption spectrum (peaks and valleys) of ethanol, under the telecontrol action of qi, was changed to various degrees, ranging from ultraviolet to visible light to infrared, so did its absorption rate. That is, under the action of qi, the distance between the molecule's electronic inner and outer orbits, and that between their outer orbits themselves, as well as the vibration and rotation states of the molecules, were influenced to various degrees. More specifically, the distance shortened between transition orbits of electrons and the change of the vibration and rotation state of the molecules were less than those were not acted upon by qi. In brief the structure of ethanol molecules,under the action of qi, is changed.

4. The storability of Qi Information and its After-Effects

According to the several-day observations of the matters acted upon by qi, it was found that qi information was characterized as storability and after effects. After the action of qi, the effect of qi did not come to an end, but continued this also indicated the storability of qi information. In addition, the changes in the structures of the matters were not an instantaneous effect. The changed matters presumably have new relatively stable structures. As far as the above-mentioned problems are concerned we do not plan to go into detail here, they will be dealt with in further research accordingly.

The changes in the spectrum, before and after the action of qi, are shown in the table.