Pandimensional field pattern changes in healers and healees: experiencing therapeutic touch

Author: Smith DW, Broida JP
University of Southern Maine College of Nursing and Health Professions
Conference/Journal: J Holis Nurs
Date published: 2007 Dec
Other: Volume ID: 25 , Issue ID: 4 , Pages: 217-25 , Word Count: 145

Rogers's Science of Unitary Human Beings framed this study of pandimensional pattern changes in healers and healees paired for an 8-week series of Therapeutic Touch (TT) sessions. Comparison of healee patterns before and after 141 TT sessions supported the hypotheses that healees would manifest decreased pulse and blood pressure, and reduced pain and stress (p < .05). Duration of TT sessions was not preset but determined by healers according to energy cues. TT time was not related to pattern changes, consistent with the clinical practice of TT and the atemporal nature of Rogers's conceptual framework. Healers and healees showed parallel changes after the TT series. Participants manifested greater spirituality (p <.05). Although increases in three of the four dimensions of power were significant (p <.05), changes in power measured as a whole were not. Contrary to expectations, manifestations of diversity were decreased in healers and healees.
PMID: 18029960