Magnetic effect generated at the acupoints of the human body in qigong state

Author: Shen Jinchuan//Sun Chulin
China Academic Center of Somatic Sciences, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 7 , Word Count: 326

A series of quantitative and qualitative investigations of magnetic effects at some points of a psychic Ms. Sun Chulin is performed recently. Some reliable evidences proving the existence of Waiqi as well as the adjusting and controlling role of consciousness are obtained.

The magnetic field at Laogong point generated by S.C.L. is able to rotate the pointer of a compass for about 40 degree; absorb magnetic powder and iron nails up; make a 'magnetic pen writing board' to be magnetized at certain position to form a limited dark area; and destroy the information recorded on magnetic tape and disk.

In order to generate magnetic field at points, 'Vigor' should be directed by S.C.L.'s consciousness along principle channel from Dantian point.

The photos (Fig.1,a) show spatial distribution patterns of magnetic field of some main points. They are similar in size (about 1.5 cm in diameter), but different in shape. A special attention should be paid to the shape (like 'Taiji' figer ???) of the
magnetic field at some points (upper-middle-lower Dantian).

Another important thing is that Ms. S.C.L. is able to stimulate some one else who has not had such ability to produce magnetic field at some Points before. More than 25 persons have been stimulated by Ms.S.C.L. successfully. Fig l.b shows the results.

Far better result, the person to be stimulated should believe Qigong and make himself peaceful, relaxed so as to receive information from S.C.L. more easily.

It is believe that the experiment give a new strong evidence of existence of 'Waiqi' and is helpful to the studies of the nature of disease. treatment by 'Waiqi,' and the explanations of how to exchange information, energy and substance in dualdirectional way, as well as the studies of the essence of principal cannel and points.
It is also most possible to develop a new method of diagnosis of disease or testing effectiveness of a Qigong exercise.