Treatment of cancer by Guo Lin's moving qigong

Author: Guan Yuanchao
Shanghai Translation and Publishing Centre, Shanghai, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st Int Cong of Qigong
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 132 , Word Count: 416

Guo Lin's moving Qigong is also named as New Qigong. The 'Wind-Breathing method' was adopted in this therapy which was forbidden in ancient Qigong exercises. The New Qigong is an up-to-date and unique therapeutic exercise for maintaining good health, prolonging life, and preventing and healing diseases, especially in preventing and treating cancer.

New Qigong has been developed and gradually perfected on the basis of conscious Dao Yin, Breathing Dao Yin, and posture Dao Yin, as well as Hua Tuo's Five Animal Game. It is characterized mainly by movement with its 'Wind-Breathing method,' and emphasis is put on combining quietness and movement together as well as integrating the interior and the exterior activeness.

Hundreds of patients suffering from various kinds of cancer confirmed by clinical and laboratory examinations were treated with this New Qigong. In the New Qigong training courses, the author personally saw the marked improvement of cancer patients after instructing them to do conscientious practice with full confidence. As a result, the swelling masses were softened and either decreased in size or completely disappeared.

Treating cancer with this method is effective for the following reasons:

(1) The New Qigong practitioner is asked to do the exercise early in the morning by trees or a lake where the air is usually fresh and clean and rich in negative ions. The 'Wind-Breathing method' (i.e. inhale, inhale, and exhale) accompanied with general exercise is preformed. Thus the practitioner should uninterruptedly gather and bring into the body the vitality from nature, expel the foul air from the body. Thus improves the metabolism or kills the cancerous cells.

(2) Training with New Qigong can enhance the immunity of the body, call the internal vital energy into play, and resume the equilibrium of Yin and Yang. Hence it can prevent and heal cancer.

(3) During the exercise, the Ren and Du Channels are connected due to the action of the tongue touching the upper palate. The Kidney Channel is strengthened due to the action of the hand touching the turned-up foot. Thus the practitioner will feel a stream of vital energy circulating in the Ren and Du Channels known as Xiao Zhou Tian as well as throughout all the Channels known as Da Zhou Tian. Thus the stagnated tissues will be removed and the patient may be cured.

The basic methods of New Qigong are 'moderate Wind-Breathing method with natural movement,' 'Wind-Breathing method with fixed-step,' and so on. 'Wind-Breathing' exercise is unique in character and dissimilar to other Qigong exercises.