Qigong power testing instrument and practical application

Author: Ma Quiyang
China Qigong Scientific Study Academy, Huaxia Scientific Research Institute, Harbin, Heilong Jian Province, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st Int Cong of Qigong
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 126 , Word Count: 384

Qigong is an ancient Chinese science. along with the advanced development of modern scientific technology, the human scientists have been discriminating the reasonable scientific internal kernel of qigong, so as to discover the mystery of human life. The testament of the 'external Qi' released by the Qigongists and tested by various instruments in many units in China shows that it includes visible light, infrared radiation and its material base and physical properties extend in all of the range of electromagnetic waves in the main. Thus, our DCP power testing instrument focuses on the electromagnetic wave effect.

DCP Qigong power testing instrument can test the power energy and extent of the qigong emitted by a Qigongist from long distance by measuring the changes of the electricity parameter of signal generator which is excited by the receptor after receiving the electromagnetic wave effect of the 'external qi' released by the Qigongist.

After the sample instrument succeeded to be made up on May of 1989, we tested 50 Qigongist and persons with curious talent one after another. The power parameter which were tested when they did qigong were in direct proportion to their qigong exercise practice and clinical effects of 'external qi'.

There are some examples in the following:

Qigongist A, doing qigong exercise for 15 years. When he does qigong from a long distance, the power testing instrument can show the electromagnetic wave effect. In the qigong medical practice, (1) he can emit the power of qigong to the patient from a long distance, and at the same time, the patient can get obvious sensation and dominant improvement; (2) he can emit the power of qigong to hundreds of people at the same time in one place and make most of them get the obvious sensation and effect.

Mr. B with a curious talent, having the curious talent 7 years ago and able to 'see though' a human body directly. When he emits the power of qigong to the DCP instrument with his eyes, the instrument can measure the electromagnetic wave effect.

Hard Qigongist C, exercising qigong for 10 year. When he emits the power of qigong to the instrument, the paroxysmal strong electromagnetic wave effect can be measured in the instrument. Also he can cut bricks and stones with his head and break off a cast iron bar with his arm easily.