Qigong keep-fitness treatment

Author: Song Xin
China Hua Yang Technology and Trade Corp., Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st Int Cong of Qigong
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 125 , Word Count: 548

A breakthrough in weight-reducing-keep-fitness treatment, also called qigong slimming exercise, has been introduced formally since the Spring, 1988, in Beijing. Its appearance no doubt has brought welcome tidings to millions of overweight people and body-building fans in different parts of the world. following is a brief introduction to the effects and techniques applied.

l. Effects

Young or middle-aged women keep-fitness fans lose 3-4 kilograms after doing about one week's exercise, and will soon have a slender figure. Practicing it for a long time will smooth their skin and hair. Most overweight people can usually lose 5-10 kilograms in the first month of the exercise. Highly efficient, this treatment can mitigate or even cure diseases such as high blood fat and high blood sugar, etc.

To those suffering from other chronic diseases, it is also a good exercise for it produces a strong sensation of qi-current circulating in their bodies and thus achieves a curative effect. this keep-fitness exercise also has a specially good effect in preventing the weight for young and middle-aged people. Once they master it, they will benefit from it all their lives.

2. Percentage of curative effects

The Oriental Keep-Fitness Research Centre conducted a trial investigation of 110 cases, which showed that this exercise is suitable for 97% of those wishing to lose weight except for a few with some serious diseases or women during pregnancy and breast feeding. An investigation of 45 cases indicated that 93% of them maintained their weight or even continued losing weight after they had stopped the exercises for 3-5 months. Although the rest showed a tendency to gain weight, they could control it immediately after a few days' exercise.

The above investigations and a close observation of another 1000 participants or so show that this exercise is appropriate and workable for most overweight people and keep-fitness fans, and will be more effective as long as they persist in practicing it. Continuing the exercise, most people can have an ideal weight and figure.

3. Function of the exercise

Keep-fitness exercise has three functions. If applied together with strict diet, the functions will result in reducing the weight quickly and effectively. The simple dietotherapy may bring about two problems. One is that nobody can stand the sense of hunger; the other is that side effects produced by diet are not easy to cure. This explains the low efficiency in losing weight and harm done to people's health simply by dietotherapy.

One of the functions of keep-fitness exercise is to make people lose or greatly decrease their sense of hunger, so that they eat less. Only a little vegetable or fruit and a small amount of protein will suffice. Eating less or not eating will produce side effects, but they can be eliminated or greatly reduced by the other two functions and the special qi dispensed by a qigong master during teaching. Even with no sense of hunger and no side effects when eating little, one can still work, study and live as usual. Meanwhile, one consumes his surplus fat which serves as the source of energy, thus losing weight efficiently. Because the qigong itself has a miraculous energy characteristic, in addition to energy and nutrition produced by consuming the body's own fat during the exercise, the average user of the technique will feel more energetic and healthier than before.