[Body fat and fat mass-fat free mass ratio estimated by bioelectric impedance in the nutritional evaluation of women 35-55 years of age][Article in Spanish]

Author: Martin Moreno V//Gomez Gandoy JB//Gomez de la Camara A//Antoranz Gonzalez MJ
Centro de Salud Coronel de Palma, Mostoles. amanvic@eresmas.com
Conference/Journal: Rev Esp Salud Publica
Date published: 2002
Other: Volume ID: 76 , Issue ID: 6 , Pages: 723-34 , Word Count: 247

BACKGROUND: Nutritional evaluation during pre-menopause and menopause plays an important role in assessing the changes taking place in a woman's body, a comparison being drawn in this study between the parameters body fat and body fat-muscle ratio (BFMR) estimated by impedancemetry and the body mass index (BMI) for defining nutritional status and body composition. METHODS: A cross-sectional descriptive study. By random sampling (health card basis), thirty women within the 35-55 age range were selected and then evaluated regarding the relationship between body fat and fat mass (FM)-fat free mass (FFM) ratio (FM/FFM = BFMR) and the BMI, different means of estimating body fat distribution: waist and iliac region circumferences, waist-hip and iliac region-hip ratios and iliac region and sagittal diameters; systolic (SBP) and diastolic blood pressures (DBP) and serum levels of glucose, cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and triglycerides. RESULTS: The percentage of body fat was highly correlated (p < 0.001) with BMI (r = 0.919), waist (r = 0.866) and iliac region (r = 0.841) circumferences and sagittal (r = 0.783) and iliac region (r = 0.772) diameters, and less highly with glycemia (r = 0.385; p = 0.036) and the SBP (r = 0.497; p = 0.005) and DBP (r = 0.582; p = 0.001). The BFMR showed similar results, no being significantly related to any biochemical parameter. 46.7% of the obese women as per their percentage of body fat (> 33%) had a BMI of under 30. CONCLUSIONS: The estimating of the body fat and BFMR parameters among women within the 35-55 age range supplements the nutritional evaluation made by means of the BMI, although in order to define their true figures