Demonstration of waitankung

Author: Wu Janet
JANET WU,Waitankung Association, San Francisco, Calif., USA [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st Int Cong of Qigong
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 106 , Word Count: 143

The basic principles of Waitankung, a form of Qigong, are to rid the mind of distracting ideas and to allow one's inner energy to rise up automatically and make the body tremble. In this way, the internal organs are filled with original Qi, the muscles are relaxed, the blood circulation is improved, and the person can become healthy and happy. It is a very effective exercise for the middle-aged and the elderly. The philosophy and basic movements of Waitankung will be presented so that participants can learn first-hand about this form of Qigong.

Waitankung, which was made public in 1976, is based on the philosophy of Taoism and Chinese medicine. Research and practice over a period of several thousand years have shown that Waitankung is helpful in improving health and curing many chronic diseases, such as, high blood pressure, arthritis, digestive disorders, and insomnia.