Effects of emitted qi on immune functions in animals

Author: Li Caixi//Jinlong ?//Liu Zhiyun//Zhao Guang//Zhang Yu//Zhang Guoxi
Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 22 , Word Count: 685

In order to investigate the actions and the mechanism of emitted qi on preventing and curing human diseases, we have used experimental animals to observe the effects of the emitted qi on the immune functions.

Materials and methods: Mice and rabbits were treated by the qi emitted by two kinds of qigong doctors for a period of time. The functions of humoral immunity, cellular immunity and nonspecific immunity, and the histochemical reaction in spleens were observed.


1. The emitted qi could increase peripheral blood leucocytes. It was found that the number of leucocytes in the animals having received the emitted qi was much higher than that in the control (P<O.01).

2. The emitted qi could enhance the level of serum antibodies significantly. Experiments showed that the serum agglutinin in the mice treated with the emitted qi increased from 33.04±10.34 to 48.98±16.4 (P<O.05) . The level of rabbit serum hemolysin in the group treated with the emitted qi was found to be higher than that in the control group. After determining the level of rabbit serum anti-THY901 agglutinin for 15 times during 96 days, it was found that the special antibody level in the treated group and in the control group were 55.4±8.6 and 47.15±10.5, respectively. The difference between the two groups was significant (P<O.05) . The decreasing rate of antibody titre in the treated group was found to be slower than that in the control group. And the secondary immune reaction increased significantly (P<O.001).

3. The emitted qi could increase the cellular immune reaction markedly. The Ea-rosette forming percentage of spleen lymphocytes in the qigong group, the normal control group, the immune control group and the qigong plus immune group were determined to be 21.33±5.1, 11.8±1.97, 17.58±1.9 and 23.61±4.81, respectively. It indicated that the emitted qi not only enhanced the cellular immune functions, but exerted a synergistic effect with special antigens as well. The emitted qi could also promote the inhibited immune function induced by cortisone, and enhance the Ea-rosette forming percentage to the normal level. It was found that information water (water that had been treated by the emitted qi) could increase the Ea rosette forming percentage just as the emitted qi did. We observed that animals reached their maximum responses after one day of drinking information water, and that no further marked changes could be found when the animals continued to drink information water. It is suggested that emitted qi possesses a regular action on the immune function.

4. The phagocytic rate and the bactericidal rate were determined indicating the phagocytic function of mouse celiac Mj. The results showed that the emitted qi could stimulate the activity of Mj in the body and raise its function. Therefore, the phagocytic rate, phagocytic index and bactericidal rate rose significantly. The efficiency of the emitted qi was found to be stronger than that of specific antigens.

5. The histochemical response and the results of the fluorescence dying of the spleen indicated that in the qigong group that the germinal center was markedly evident, the spleen lymphatic nodule became larger and the synthetic metabolism of RNA and DNA in the Iymphatic cells were promoted.

The experiments showed that different kinds of emitted qi resulted in functional differences, but all kinds of emitted qi possess marked effects on the body.

Immunity is a kind of protective reaction of the organism. It has the function of recognizing and removing foreign bodies so as to maintain internal balance and stability.

From the results mentioned above, it is obvious that the action of the emitted qi on the organism is to improve the immunity and increase its defensive, self-stable and surveillance functions. We think that is one of the major mechanisms of qigong or of the emitted qi from qigong masters in curing and preventing diseases as well as prolonging one's life. However, the organism is a sophisticated whole. The immune system is regulated by the nervous and humoral systems, and immune cells themselves have a sense function, so problems such as how the emitted qi produces an effect on organisms and how it regulates organisms and makes them reach internally balanced states still need to be further studied.