Unique duct system and the corpuscle-like structures found on the surface of the liver

Author: Lee Kyu-Jae 1//Kim Soyean 2//Jung Tae-Eul 1//Jin Dan 3////
Wonju College of Medicine, Yonsei University (Wonju, Korea) [1.3}//Bokung Longevity Institute (Chungju, Korea) [2]
Conference/Journal: J Intl Soc Life Info Science
Date published: 2004
Other: Volume ID: 22 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 460 , Word Count: 115

Unique duct system believed to be Bonghan duct and the corpuscle like structures were found on the surface of the liver from rabbit. Diameter of the duct was about 80 mm and formed of a bundle of tubules whose diameter was about 10-15 mm. Inside each tubules small granules of which the size is about 1 mm could be directly observed. As the granules form very narrow lines inside the tubules, it is possible that there exist another level of tubular structures through which the small granules flow. The granules were also observed to come out from the surface of duct. Stained section of the corpuscle-like structures showed that they were full of blood cells, suggesting hematopoiesis.