Meditation, qi, acupuncture and your health

Author: Wei Chuantseng//Chen Jonathan//Yeh Tseliang
Lansing Acupuncture Research Clinic, East Lansing, Michigan, USA [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st Int Cong of Qigong
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 61 , Word Count: 191

The author gives a personal account of his experience in meditation, the semi-quantitative data he obtained, and the accident that nearly killed him.

It is estimated that the first time qi glows in a meridian by using some induction method, its speed is approximately 1/10 cm per sec.+-50%. The second and subsequent times qi would flow as fast as ones mind. The direction of the flow of qi in the meridian is in agreement with that described in Nei-Jing (Chinese character). The qi would propagate along the meridian and in the neighboring region controlled by the meridian like a wave. The frequency of the wave is estimated to be approximately pi rad. per sec.+-50%. During one session of meditation the qi was led along the Governing meridian into the brain. It pounded several hours inside the head like hammering before it was led out of the brain area.

A state of mind of calmness (Chinese character) was reached often times during meditation. A careless accident which eventually caused the author's congestive heart failure took place during and after another session. He has survived the accident over six years by now.