Immunological effects of body emanated qi: progress in mind-body research

Author: Shen George Jiaqi//Ye Ming//Zhang Ming
Department of Behavioral Medicine, Shanghai Qigong Institute, Shanghai College of Traditional Medicine, Shanghai, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st Int Cong of Qigong
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 56 , Word Count: 220

It has been shown that qi emanated from well trained qigong master, called external qi (EQ), exerts substantial effects on human body, micro-organism and plant. We proceeded further to explore the immunological effects of EQ in animal and human blood experiments.

Animal study disclosed that C57B/6 mice inoculated intravenously with B16 melanoma cells were protected by EQ application as manifested by reduction in number of metastatic nodules over the long surface significantly as compared with the control The average survival days was also prolonged. It implies that EQ exerts inhibition effect against the growth of melanoma cells. Ten mice each allocated in EQ and control group were studied to observe the effects of EQ on interlukin-2, gamma interferon, and lymphotoxin. The results revealed significant increase of all the three lymphokines in the EQ group.

The effects of EQ on the immune function of the human peripheral blood lymphocytes from eight normal volunteers using 3H-TdR corporation method was studied. It was demonstrated that there were significant increase of lymphoblastogenesis, increased reaction of Tc toward HLA-D, and increase of NK cells activity compared to the respective controls. Release of inhibition action of ConA on Ts function was demonstrated.

These finding suggest that EQ emanated from an experienced qigong person could have certain therapeutic effects on diseases especially relevant to immunodeficiency disorders.