A case study of the synchronization of human energy in an acute condition of chronic heart disease through complementary treatment

Author: Phillip Shinnick P//Freed S
Conference/Journal: Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine
Date published: 2002
Other: Volume ID: !3 , Issue ID: 3 , Pages: 209-227 , Word Count: 198

This is a longitudinal case study of chronic heart failure incorporating several therapies including medications (digitalis, enalapril and furosemide), acupuncture, Zen meditation, and Qigong during an acute condition lasting six weeks in the middle of a nine-month terminal Illness. These therapies helped with the synchronization of human energy from patient's signs and symptoms which de-synchronized breathing (rapid breathing), sleep (nightmares), blood pressure (rapid drop), sputum production (high), edema (pedal), warmth (cold), and esophagus functioning (restriction). Many of these symptoms can be fatal without synchronization when occurring in old age (the subject was 97 years old) and during an acute phase of Chronic Heart Disease. Detailed daily recording of symptoms and treatment procedures provide a guide for techniques which can alleviate suffering through synchronization and prolong life and improve the quality of life in a patient with an acute episode of Chronic Heart Failure. This provided stable time periods to help resolve issues of death and dying. Therapies changed as the condition worsened: for acupuncture, from prescribed particular points of larger areas; In meditation, from watching the breath during the crisis to long (2-3 hour) periods of meditation, and for Qigong from fixed to specific arm movements to create warmth.