Supersolid state

Author: Yuan Hailong 1//Li Hongshe 2
Qigong and Sports Magazine United, China [1] //Medical Dept Xi'an Medical University, Xi'an, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 350 , Word Count: 626

The basic theory of Chinese Medicine is really a kind of unclear world outwork to us till now, including human body outlooks especially the theory of main and collateral channels, etc.. This outlook at its primitive period produced qigong and directed its development. In order to study qigong we have to renew our idea first of all.
The analyses of the formation of the human idea about the state of matter, speaking commonly and vividly, that is from one point to move to a line, from a line to-a surface, to a solid, then supposing to a supersolid. The present study in every field on the quality and energy of substance is completely limited in solid state (static state) or semi-supersolid state (the limited dynamic state), therefore we cannot explain the phenomena of qigong. From solid state to supersolid state is a rise this change to the level of study the quality and energy of (super solid state), then we can explain the phenomena of qigong.
Supersolid state is a state of the matter from its beginning and the end. To study supersolid state we have to understand that motion is essentially a change of time above all. The whole state of solid state in accordance with the change of time becomes the supersolid state. To understand supersolid state is the consciousness of solid state (the first consciousness we already have)and that of time (the second consciousness), which is the crux of them.
Under the second consciousness mankind understand that the matter is invisible and the consciousness under no control of time. The invisible matter is the matter in the whole state from its beginning to the end (without the beginning and the end in the broad sense), but not a fixed state. The consciousness under no control of time is that mankind can response the state of matter at any time without any control of the time in which mankind are living because they response the time under the second consciousness.
The human action on supersolid state include the action on solid state (the first control) and that on time (the second control). Because mankind have the first control based on the first consciousness, the crux of the human action on supersolid state is the action on time.
Under the state of qigong mankind partly have the ability to understand and to act on supersolid state, that is the second consciousness and the second control. Many facts proved that human being have this ability through the natural circulation and human body circulation. In order to understand this we have to know that time is produced essetially by motion, time of the outside world (To) is produced by the natural circulation and time of the inside of mankind (Ti) by human body circulation. Through the control over human body circulation mankind achieve the control over Ti of the second control, and through the natural circulation to affect To, in the meantime through the interchange of the human body circulation and the natural circulation to achieve the reaction on time (T), That is the second consciousness.
The phenomena of qigong are those of supersolid state. Under the state of qigong, mankind can see the died or foresee the future. They are super-forward phenomena and the super-afterwards phenomena of consciousness respectively. To prolong life under the state of qigong is a phenomenon of control over Ti under the second control. Also to summon wind and rain and to cure sickness are phenomena of affection to To under the second control.
Research work on supersolid- state has to go deep. The relation between motion and time has to be from being mutually essential to being one body. This will be the supersolid state in the more broad sense.