A Pilot Study of Personality Features of Psychotic Disorders Caused by Qigong

Author: Xiao B//Xie W
Mental Health Center of Shantou University
Conference/Journal: Journal of Shantou University Medical College
Date published: 1998
Other: Volume ID: 11 , Pages: 80 , Word Count: 93

Objective: To study the personality features among those with reported psychotic disorders caused by Qigong
Methods: Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ) was applied to compare two groups of subjects, Qigong induced psychotic disorders group (21 subjects) and control group (30 healthy subjects).
Results: The group of Qigong induced psychotic disorders was found to score higher than the control group on the EPQ-P scale and the EPQ-N scale, and the difference was significant. The EPQ-E scale and EPQ-L scale had no statistical difference between the two groups.
Conclusion: Psychoticisim and neuroticism relate to Qigong induced psychotic disorders.