Great leader jin mother of congenital internal dan tao and preliminary exploration of her internal dan gong

Author: Su Huaren//Yang Zhangjiang//Liu Yurong
Research Association of China Ancient Longevity Methods, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 349 , Word Count: 561

Jin mother was beloved in China in congenital internal dan Taoism by many Taoist priest and believers who exercised her Tao, such as Zhang Zifang, Han Zhongli and now the founder Zhao Pichen and his brother Kuiyi. But people just know a little about her experience and the exercise truth. We visited many famous leaders in internal dan, went all over the country, read many classics-and finally understood the fact and the problems above.

1. Preliminary exploration of Jin mother's resume
According to Si Maqian's 'History Record', Tao Hongjing's 'Truth Life Reference', 'Survey of Taoism source and delivery', 'Cannon of Xuan Men Daily Reading' and etc. The following is the preliminary conclusion.
(l) Jin mother, Old mother and West King's mother were really one who lived at the coast of Yao pool Kun Lun Mountain called 'Jin Mother of Yao Pool' in the ancient by people such as great leader Zhao Pichen etc.
(2) Jin Mother was greatest leader of ancient congenital internal dan Tao, 'summary of Supernatural being and buddhism called her' the mother of supernatural being and buddha generated by congenital energy stream.
(3) Methods of Leader Wang Xuanpu, Zhang Zifang, Han Zhongli and etc. were related to Jin Mother's methods.
(4) The method of Jin mother played an extremely important role in the latest China which could be seen from 'Three characters formula' written by Zhao Kuiyi.
(5) The method of Jin Mother was the top method of Chinese congenital dan Tao according to the success of Wang Xuanpu, Zhang Zifang, Han Zhongli and Zhao Kuiyi.

2. Preliminary exploration of internal dan
Nine products from Jin mother were as follows according to the oral formulas:
First product was the method of exercising oneself, the key is training Zing mainly dependent on understanding and oral formulas. The nature and the royalty were important to get morality and reference, the world event and the union of heaven and earth. Cognition spirit was fixed and true spirit glued.
Second product was foundation, it was based on spirit and perfection, one must exercise at Zi, Wu, Mao and You of Earthly Branches in the way of oral formulas to return acquired energy stream back to congenital energy stream.
Third product was receiving stove, which was the first of Ming Gong, practitioners should combine congenital spirit with sweet dew on the basis of nourishment of congenital energy stream, treat energy stream in dantian with slow fire and high heat with exhausted gases abandoned.
Fourth product was dan combination. The key was to pick true essence of life and true spirit in body (in stove of dantian) and treat true spirit and energy stream to get dan.
Fifth product was dan's return. Returning method was to use congenital energy stream to push forward dan exercised along congenital line specified by leaders from Kun Lun to HuiYing with sounds from heaven.......
Sixth product was the warm cultivation. After the above steps, this can only be trained in specified number naturally and relaxed to practise.
Seventh product was the going out from fetus. Few people can arrive at the step. It was simplified as follows. The effectiveness was that the circumanstances of baby occurred...
Eighth product was suspending ball. The effect was above the previous methods, practitioners, eyes gave out blue light with full energy.....
Nineth product was returning Vancanty. If any, practioners may have much intelligence and morality difficult to estimate.