Clinical Analysis on Psychotic Disorders Caused by Qigong in 16 Cases

Author: Zhang P//Fan S
Psychology Department of the Seventh People’s Hospital of Qingdao, Qingdao 266033, China
Conference/Journal: Medical Journal of Qilu
Date published: 1998
Other: Volume ID: 13 , Issue ID: l , Pages: 66 , Word Count: 213

Objective: To analyze clinical character of psychotic disorder caused by Qigong in 16 cases
Methods: The study was carried out in 16 (4 male and 12 female) subjects, 18-62 years old. All of the subjects had no psychotic disorder history and they were diagnosed with psychotic disorders caused by Qigong according to CCMD-ER. 11 subjects exercised Qigong to promote health and cure disease; 3 subjects aimed to cure other one’s disease; 2 subjects exercised because of curiousness. 6 subjects were guided by Qigong masters; 10 subjects learned by themselves. Mental symptoms were recorded in all subjects. Antipsychotic drugs were used to treat psychotic disorder caused by Qigong.
Results: 11 subjects showed psychomotor excitement; 8 subjects showed acousma?? related to Qigong, most of whom heard the voice of Qigong master; 9 subjects had ever had the feeling of being controlled by master; 4 subjects showed heteroptics. 3 subjects showed psychomotor inhibition 16 subjects lost social behavior. 10 cases were cured by psychotic medicine, 5 cases’ condition showed obvious improvement by psychotic medicine and 1 case showed certain improvement.
Conclusion: Clinical manifestation of psychotic disorder caused by Qigong can be summed up in three groups of symptoms: symptoms of schizophrenia, neurosis, or emotional disorders. Mental symptoms will disappear when Qigong practicing is stopped and proper treatment is carried out, which can identify psychotic disorders caused by Qigong with other types of psychosis.