Clinical Analysis on Psychotic Disorders Caused by Qigong in 23 Cases

Author: Huang H
Long Quanshang Hospital, Liu Zhou 545005, Guang Xi, China
Conference/Journal: Journal of Youjing Medical College for National Minorities
Date published: 1997
Other: Volume ID: 19 , Issue ID: 3 , Pages: 404-405 , Word Count: 176

Objective: To analyze clinical character of psychotic disorder caused by Qigong
Methods: The study was carried out in 23 subjects diagnosed with psychotic disorder caused by Qigong, including 11 male and 12 female, 7 days°´8 years dirigation?? history. All the subjects were recorded mental symptoms, whether accompanied by physical diseases or not, and the curative effect. The subjects were followed up for half a year to two years about the general situation, whether continuing Qigong dirigation or not, whether recurring and hospitalization resulted from Qigong, and the subsequent diagnosis.
Results: 16 cases showed symptoms of schizophrenia; 5 cases showed symptoms of neurosis; 2 cases showed symptoms of hysteria. After psychiatric medicine treatment, 13 cases were completely cured and the effective rate is 86.9%. 18 cases maintain the original diagnosis in the follow-up, but 5 cases were diagnosed differently.
Conclusion: Middle-aged adults are susceptible to psychotic disorders caused by Qigong. Psychotic disorders cased by Qigong are closely related to culture and are characterized in pathogeny, age, clinical symptoms, course of disease and treatment. So psychotic disorders caused by Qigong should be an independent disease unit in diagnosis classification.