The Obvious Effect of the Zhonghe Qigong of Wudang in the Treatment of Diabetes

Author: Zhou J//Ji X
Conference/Journal: Chinese Qigong
Date published: 1995
Other: Volume ID: 2 , Pages: 22-24 , Word Count: 188

To introduce a kind of Qigong, Zhonghe Qigong of Wudang , which was good to the diabetes.
All subjects with the type 2 diabetes were the students of the Zhonghe Qigong of Wudang. They were asked to practice Qigong everyday.
This kind of Qigong was made up of three parts, ten sections. The first part was mainly warming-up to activate meridian and collaterals and improve peripheral circulation. The second part was the main part to lower the blood sugar and lipid and improve the visceral function. The third part was assistant part to strengthen the body. The paper described the movements of Wudang Zhonghe Qigong in details with photograph.
48 cases (performed the exercise for 7 days): the blood sugar of 38 cases (79.2%) decreased and 13 (27.08%) in normal ,while the urine sugar was 26(54.17%),11(22.09%).
43 cases (performed the exercise for one month): the blood sugar of 41 cases (95.35%) decreased and 24 (55.81%)in normal ,while the urine sugar was 30(69.77%),20(46.51%).
20 cases (performed the exercise for three months): the blood sugar of 20 cases (100%) decreased and 17 (85%) in normal, while the urine sugar was 18(90%),16(80%).
It is a good method for diabetes patients to practice the Zhonghe Qigong of Wudang.