Diabetes’s Qigong Treatment

Author: Zhang Y//Li B
Qinglan Village Hospital, Jing County, Hebei Pro., China
Conference/Journal: Qigong and Science
Date published: 1992
Other: Volume ID: 4 , Pages: 27-28 , Word Count: 123

In this article the author introduced the detail of how to treat diabetes by the practice of 4 kinds of QigongChinese regimen and intelligence tonifying qigong (Chinese Yangshengyizhi Gong), Inner-nourishing Qigong (Neiyang Gong), with the Six Character Qigong (Liuzijue), Yinshizi’s Sitting Still Qigong (Yinshizi jingzuo Qigong). In the article, the author also introduced 6 accessorial qigong methods. The author pointed out that in the course of dirigation, more attention should be paid to achieve perseverance and tranquilization of the mind. Patients should have low-sugar diet with more vegetables. At the end of this article, the author gave a conclusion that improvements show after 7-30 days’ dirigation, significant effects show after 3 months in an average. And 3 months is considered to be one course of treatment.