Qigong Rehabilitation therapy in Treating Diabetes

Author: Jin D
Qigong Research Association of Siping City, Jinlin Pro., China
Conference/Journal: Qigong Science Journal of China
Date published: 1996
Other: Volume ID: 12 , Pages: 23-24 , Word Count: 145

The paper is something in details about one kind of Qigong and the mechanism of it.
This kind of qigong whose name is related-to-the-whole-body qigong is made up of nine steps. First, standing exercises is practiced with abdominal respiration for 12 times; second, shake the whole body slightly for about 3 minutes; third, Qi is guided along the Conception Vessel in body and at the same time breath regulation should be practiced; fourth, Qi is guided along the Belt Vessel in body with breath regulation ; fifth, walk along the “8” curve for eight times, then stretch meridian with eye movement with paradoxical respiration; then pull one’s nape by oneself with breath adjustment; eighth, message lower abdomen and both kidneys along the Belt Vessel with paradoxical respiration for 6 times. At last Qi is concentrated by tapping the whole body.
Then the writer has a discussion for the mechanism.