Taihu Qigong Therapy in The Treatment of Diabetes

Author: Guo X
Taihu Qigong Rehabilitation Center of Jiangsu Pro., China
Conference/Journal: Qigong and Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Volume ID: 10 , Pages: 27-28 , Word Count: 90

TIn this article the author introduced the detail of how to treat diabetes by the practice of Taihu Qigong that included 10 relative parts. The author pointed out that in the course of dirigation, more attention should be paid to achieve perseverance and tranquilization of the mind. Patients should have low-sugar diet with more vegetables. At the end of this article, the author gave a conclusion that improvements show after 7-30 days’ dirigation, significant effects show after 3 months in an average. And 3 months is considered to be one course of treatment.