The experience and research on light (floating) gigong

Author: Zhou Gouqing
Jaingsu Metallurgic Institute, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 342 , Word Count: 619

According a lot of records and books all over the world and the experience of the others and me, it is true that you will feel being floating while your qigong reaches the highest class. Therefore, the special appearance of making body light and float, I believe, is existence.
In order to search the reason of the light qigong, in this article, there are such reach as the following .
In the book of the general chemistry which was written by H. Grenkan and published by the higher education publisher on 1959, there is such a statement at p101 that within the electrical appliance used for measuring electric, when a drop of oil without electric, it drips slowly by the weight force, but when the drop of oil is electriced due to reacting with ion, the dripping will stop. it is stop in the air even floating upward, so long as the condenser is charged
This experiment inspires us, that is, if a high-class qigong sporter is with electric which reaches a given variability, there is the same result as the oil drop's above , within the extroelectrocal field.
Physicians, biologist chemist tell us that most polymers are electriced. Like the lielectric with low molecular weight. The men's body is a giant system of polymer and his cells have free electrons.
The man-body biologist also tell us that when any kind of structure in the man's body is excited, the electric will be changed. That is , the electrical potential at the area of the excited is lower than that the area of the quiet. Put one end of a wire on the excited area , the other on the quiet area, there is electric current passing from the quiet area (high potential) to excited area (low potential ). The current exists in the heart, the brain, the muscle, etc.
To do exercises in qigong such as guiding the public region by thinking in mind some structure of one's body and make it excited , and make the current changed. The electric change from the small to the big is according with the degree of qigong from hiding to exposing. There is either pure condenser circuit or a pure resistance circuit between the high public region and the low public region, so that a uniform electric field is formed. In the man's body , due to the uniform electric field , the electrode molecules and electrodeless molecules arrange along the direction of the electric field without mixing originally, because the electrode torque is turned to the direction of the electrode field. During the exercising of qigong , there are three important points (body, breath, nerve ) to adjust in order to:
- To stimulate spinal marrow , the neck of spinal marrow, the chest of spinal marrow , medulla oblongata, low mound brain, the skin of cerebrum, the public region, etc.
- To arouse generating biological electric in order to improve the function of all the viscera of the man; s body.
- To improve the intersecrete system. in order to care disease improve the health and prolong life .
The three adjusting points belong to the middle low degree of qigong .
When a man's body is in the condition of high class or qigong, due to the affection of the electromagnetism of the earth and the sun, moor, ionosphere of the universe, the current or the charge of the electrode molecule is changed at any time. So that the body generates the electromagnetism wave entering the space or receipts the signal of space electromagnetism. At this time, there are such kinds of special appearance as, so called, electromagnetic induction. of heart, fluoroscopy, remote sensing, shining, floating, etc This highest degree of qigong exists , but a general people can not reach the top.