Point selection and ziwuliuzhu in qigong treatment

Author: Yuan Wanli
Shaanxi Third Printing and Dyeing Factory, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 340 , Word Count: 293

The combination of message, manipulation, insertion of points, acupuncture is a comprehensive therapy used by Qigong research works to dig and develop Chinese traditional medical culture .
Scientific research and measurements prove that the flow of energy stream in points produces biological magnetic field and stronger electromagnetic wave, the unbalance of body physiology, diseases in organs may be reflected in related meridians and points. In treatment related points are used to lead the paths of meridians, cultivate blood and energy stream, balance Yin and Yang in order to exhaust energy less to get more effective and successful effects.
There are some differences between Qigong therapy and Acupuncture in point selections, in Qigong treatment tightening the root and strengthening the source, and paying attention to energy stream are used to decrease the feeling of being afraid. If Qigong needle is used with the help of special hand gestures from sides, points to lines, not only the stream feeling can be advanced but also when solid resolute the mother when hollow invigorate the son, meanwhile, Energy stream could be distributed along the whole meridian line to realize the common treatment of branches and roots with many needles and points, kept for a long time to advance the induction.
It may be manifested well in the combination with Ziwuliuzhu, because life sports of humankind are following the law associated with time and changes in a year, people's spirit and mind and functions of organs in body vary regularly with the changes of Yinyang and elapse of time. If the law can be properly used to catch time and conditions, carry out determination of treatment based on the differentiation of symptoms and signs, therapy of the combination message, manipulation, acupuncture and Qigong will get successful results in treatment.