Behavioral alteration of plasma phenylalanine concentration

Author: Jevning R//Pirkle HC//Wilson AF
Conference/Journal: Physiol Behav
Date published: 1977
Other: Volume ID: 19 , Issue ID: 5 , Pages: 611-4 , Word Count: 102

The concentration of 13 neutral and acidic plasma amino acids was measured before, during and after either 40 min of control relaxation or 40 min of the process known as transcendental meditation (TM). An electro-oculogram, electroencephalogram, and electromyogram were simultaneously monitored in these subjects. Increased phenylalanine concentration was noted during TM practice with no change during control relaxation; no difference between the groups of total time slept or sleep stage percent was observed. The stability of phenylalanine concentration in controls and lack of correlation of increased phenylalanine with sleep in the long-term practitioners seem to suggest a relationship of the phenylalanine increase to TM practice.