Redistribution of blood flow in acute hypometabolic behavior

Author: Jevning R//Wilson AF//Smith WR//Morton ME
Conference/Journal: Am J Physiol
Date published: 1978
Other: Volume ID: 235 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: R89-92 , Word Count: 141

Cardiac output, renal and hepatic blood flows, arterial lactate concentration, and minute volume were measured before, during, and after 40 min of rest induced either by the practice known as 'transcendental meditation' (TM) or by an ordinary eyes-closed rest-relaxation period. Two groups of normal young adults were studied: one group consisted of regular practitioners of TM and the other of similar individuals studied prior to learning this technique. Marked declines of renal blood flow were noted in both groups. Decline of hepatic blood flow, increased cardiac output, decreased arterial lactate, and minute volume were also recorded in the TM-induced rest period. These changes imply a considerable increase of nonrenal, nonhepatic blood flow during TM (44%) and, to a lesser extent, during rest (12%). Increased cerebral and/or skin blood flow is hypothesized to account for part of the redistributed blood flow in the practitioner.