Wonderful relation between dermatoglyphic and qigong

Author: Ma Weiguo//Zhang Li
Shaanxi Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xi'an, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 337 , Word Count: 608

The dermatoglyphic is an important hereditary character of humanity, some studies have shown that the dermatoglyphic on the hands has some internal relations with Qigong as well as channels, acupoints.
The Qigong masters do exercises and send up vitality normally through the hands. When the vitality passing through the fingers and palm, they have a common feeling that is scorcher, apathetic and ache. The latest research shows us, when the Gongfu man practice vitality and send up it through their hands, they found that the rate of flow of the blood is heightened, the capacity of blood is increased, the micro-circulation is improved, the temperature of the hand is raised 0.5 C to 4 C, also, the metabolism is getting luxuriantly, such as the secretion of seveat glanel increase and the sweat hale is expansive, the Qigong masters even have a good seveat in winter time.
Xiu Ruijuan and here companions test with precision instrument that the micro-circulation of the blood having changed clearly, around the acupoint of the palms. This can be surueied by the signal curves. The curves rise quickly when the vitality is practiced, and it fall after the practice. Hong Shunhua and some other bodies observed with the nail fold skin of the Qigong masters improved. Xu Lihua researched the functional state and the physiology characteristic of Qigong and they found the slight change of the temperature at Laogong acupoint. Tsuci JJ make a comparison between the general and special acupoints, he find that the electricity-magnetism energy of make than that female, and the males is in direct proportion to the age. The afford a clue for the future understanding of the biology energy.
Scientist have been observed the eletromagnetic effect of Qigong. After the determination, it find the difference of the relative intensity among many different Qigong masters. This shows on from the hands, it may has something to do with the dermatoglyphic of special structure and different function. The distinctive signal which the common people has not can be found with frequency-music instrument under 300 mcahesty, it has been recorded by the vided tane.
Laogong acupoint is an important route for the internal Qi sending up. Using the height sensitivity infrared ray detector to determine the Laogong point, the light point appears while the Qigong masters practice Gong and it getting bifer while the intensity of the Gong increasing. There have been recorded, it provides a scientific basis for the determining of vitality sending up by Qigong masters. It is thus dear that the 'heart-line connection exists between the sending up vitality and the channels, acupoints of the human hands.
There are various ridges on hands, which make up many kinds of patterns. On the hand, it has fourteen channels to the whole body and 344 acupoints are distributed which interlink the body. Generally, using the treatment of acopicture and finger-pressure at the acupoint, the viseera disease can be curled. From these, we can tell that the dermatology on hands have some internal relation with Qigong as well as channels and acupoints. It is necessary for studing. We think that to study the mechanism of Qigong together with dermatoglyphic, the changing of the physiology will get something new. On the basis, it is may not only found the specific change of dermatogliphic of hands, determined the standards of the intensity when the internal Qi sending up, to get some practical objective indexes, but also help to find the main way of the internal Qi sending up, to understand the mechanism of physiology, and ten shows the relation between dermatogliphic and mechanism of Qigong.
It is a fascinating and a new domain. It is necessary for studying.