A relaxation technique in the management of hypercholesterolemia

Author: Cooper MJ//Aygen MM
Conference/Journal: J Human Stress
Date published: 1979
Other: Volume ID: 5 , Issue ID: 4 , Pages: 24-7 , Word Count: 130

Chronic sympathetic nervous system overactivity has been implicated as a factor capable of elevating and maintaining high serum cholesterol levels independent of dietary measures. We conducted a controlled trial to determine the effect of a relaxation technique. Transcendental Meditation, on serum cholesterol levels in hypercholesterolemic subjects. Serum cholesterol levels were measured at beginning and end of an 11-month period in 12 hypercholesterolemic subjects who regularly practiced meditation. Eleven hypercholesterolemic controls who did not practice the technique were similarly followed up for 13 months. Paired comparisons showed a significant (p less than 0.005) reduction in fasting serum cholesterol levels of those subjects who practiced meditation. These results suggest that the regular practice of a relaxation technique may contribute, most likely through a reduction in adrenergic activity, to the amelioration of hypercholesterolemia in certain subjects.