[Hormonal changes during relaxation][Article in French]

Author: Gallois P//Forzy G//Dhont JL
Conference/Journal: Encephale
Date published: 1984
Other: Volume ID: 10 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 79-82 , Word Count: 105

Among 10 subjects who practiced autogenic training (AT) and 10 subjects who practiced transcendental meditation (TM), compared to 10 control subjects during 40 minutes, have been observed the following results: --decrease in cortisol plasma level (reaching a minima of 2 g/100 ml), --decrease in prolactin plasma level, --the basal plasma level of cortisol and prolactin were significantly lower in the TM group. Lastly, the urinary catecholamines (UC) increase after 40 minutes of rest in the control group, whereas the UC decrease in the TA group and most certainly in the TM group. All these variations indicate a humoral modification which seems to be the opposite of the state induced by stress.