Systematic changes in perceptual reactance induced by physical fitness training

Author: Campbell JF//Stenstrom R//Bertrand D
Conference/Journal: Percept Mot Skills
Date published: 1985
Other: Volume ID: 61 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 279-84 , Word Count: 82

The effect of life-change events on perceptual augmentation-reduction was studied in 72 subjects (40 men, 32 women). In three experiments the kinesthetic figural aftereffect was measured prior to and after either a physical fitness program, a course in yoga, or training in Transcendental Meditation. Each program lasted a minimum of 8 wk. Subjects completing fitness training, all of whom were initially classified as augmenters, became reducers by the end of their program. Subjects enrolled in yoga and meditation courses remained relatively stable in their perceptual tendencies.