Strengthen study to qigong science and bring about great advance in physical training

Author: Wan Chaoshun
Yunnan University, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 333 , Word Count: 223

Qigong, which applies to the medical treatment and the people's health, has been commonly known. However, it's effect taking in physical training is still in exploration. in this article, author brought out his ideas by his research of Qigong basic theory and the practice of applying Qigong to physical training. Author concludes that there will be a broad prospects for Qigong applying to physical training.
In modern times, physical training given to sportsmen should be focused on skills, tactics and body's qualities. Actually this form of training is a 'Outside Training'. 'Psychology-Regulating Training', which is characterstic to Qigong, is a 'Inside Training'. A new way of improving physical training method and getting better achievements has been -found by the skills of 'Deep Breathing Exercises'.
Author's study shows that Qigong has the functions of increasing appetite, regulating body's temperature, relaxing, getting energetic and so on. This is because thalamus is stimulated under the circumstances of deep breathing exercises. This effect can change the sportsmen's physiological function greatly and it idealogical control. This effect can arouse the body's inner ability and strengthen the body's quality.
Author's experiment indicates that. the ability of sportsmen's 'non-oxygen metabolism' can be increased if we apply deep breathing exercises to track and field sports (dash) and swimming. It can dispel the sportsmen's tension be the competition and raise the score.