The production of nei qi and the nature of jingluo

Author: Guo Zhouli
Qigong and Sports Magazine Agency, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 332 , Word Count: 208

Based on the experimental results and biological-physics. We have studied the producing of 'inner gas'--'gas source' with quantum theory preliminarily. Three things account for electromagnetic information (inner photon gas), it comes from the charges of biological physics and biological chemistry during the human body transmitting from its usual lower energy state to higher energy level of Qigong state. The public region (Dantian)--Zhou tian's biological laser mode] is presented.
Combining the gasification theory of traditional China medical science and quantum method, it has been pointed out that the electromagnetic information wave- m in the human body's inner gas has a leading role, we have obtained that the information wave (inner gas photon) has a wavelength of m=0.16um, and also considered the characteristics of biological issue, the wavelength of 'outer gas' electro-magnetic information ware {outer gas photon) is between 0.38um and 1.4um. These deduces agree with experimental results approximately. If has been confirmed that. There is the infrared electromagnetic information in the human body's 'inner gas.'
The biological empty cellar model of Dantian and waveguiding theory of main and collateral channel is also presented. The main and collateral channel was considered as a clynarric information. transformation system and a main channel of realizing the supersession of information.