Research with the BCR-1 model biochannel brain regulator

Author: Qin Chao//Shang Mingkuan//Jiang Sainan//Wu Jianmin
Xi'an Medical University, Xi'an, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 322 , Word Count: 561

Human brain and body are regarded as a huge system. The self-body continually is regulated to a certain stable condition suitable for a physiological function. The stable conditions constitute some different and special condition. The chinese famous scientist prof. Qian Xuesen calls the special condition human function condition ( HFC ). This conception is a important new category. Proceed from the conception all kinds of diseases can be considered as disorder and the loss of the stability of normal function condition. According to this theory , in all kinds of the functional conditions of the brain and body, the four basic functional conditions have been selected resting (calm-consciousness), sleeping , studying (or attention condition ) and Qigong condition ( or super-resting condition). Taking the imitation of bionics techniques and electrocerebra patterns corresponding to the four functional conditions, we artificially made four patterns coincidental with the normal electrocerebra
waves, and made the electrochemical actions of brain neurons to produce collectable and resonant responses. With inducement and cooperation of regulation guide language system and jing Luo balance system, the electrocereba induction, relaxating to calm, electromagnetic warmth, Jing Luo balance, interconversion of the functional conditional conditions of brain and body are recovered from disorder to get the purpose of eliminating diseases, strong, health and opening potentiality up.
As indicated principle above we have made BCR-1 model single channel and II model bichannel brain regulators. The combination of the apparatus and treatment program or method and other software system are named as the brain regulation therapy. By clinical practice, it is proved that all kinds of headache, neurasthenia, neurosis, cerebrovascular disorder and sequelaes can be gotten effects with the therapy.
The basic design principle of the apparatus is as follows: The high stability pulser is consisted of time circuit. The output is taken into a frequency splitter. So the four kinds of frequency can be gotten which correspond with waves of electrocerebra intrinsic frequency. According to the special needs of cerebra coincidencer the corresponding -frequency wave goes to arrange, and then inputs into special arrangement. The signal presently are sent to the cerebra coincidencer and finally brought to bear on area of frons, tempus and occiput lobes separately. The output power respectively is 2.5 W, 4.8 W, 10 W , 18 W. These power can suit the demand of the patients. The regulation guide-language system is amplified by high fidelity stereo and set to the transformer (out 30-60 V ) and power amplifier ( out 0.5-2 W ) for the signal which is known as Jin Luo balance output. This energy is sent to magnetielectrode which is placed on the acupiont of the body surface all kinds of the output of the apparatus possess light indication. It is convenient to use. The regulation guide system is a part of skills of the series of << China Qigong Tide >> by our making which corresponds with the output of difference functional state of the apparatus. According to the special program the treatment is processed.
The apparatus and brain regulation therapy has no suffering and side effect. The II model apparatus can deal with two patients at the same time. It is applicable for big, middle , small hospitals, clinic and family health.
It is verified that the principle and design of the apparatus haven't been reported in the literatures at home and abroad,
We have applied for the country patent of the apparatus.
The patentholder's right has legally protected.