The relationship between Fuqi Pigu and negative entropy

Author: Huang Guanghau//Xu Xiaoping
Qigong Research Group, Zhejiang Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hangzhou 310007, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 321 , Word Count: 328

According to ancient Chinese classics on Pigu, Pigu cases report and experimental observation of Pigu, this paper discusses the relationship between Fuqi Pigu and negative entropy in order to testify Pigu.
Fuqi Pigu is one kind of classic Qigong regimen Pigu means Qigong practitioner refrains from eating for 8 certain period of time; Fuqi means 'eating Qi', BREATHING IN CLEAN QI FROM MOTHER NATURE 'Que Gu Si Qi n X the earliest one in Qigong classics, which was written in the same silk of 'Dao Yin Tu ' and put in front of 'Dao Yin Tu', has established the significance and pioneer position of Pigu Fuqi in the developing history of Chinese Qigong.
Negative entropy represents the degree of order of system. Generally, 'eating food 'is the way of getting negative entropy
But according to many practitioners of Fuqi Pigu in ancient time or modern time, Pigu can eliminate disease, protect health, strengthen the body and prolong life. From march, 1988 till now, Qigong Research Croup of Zhejiang Academy of TCM has successfully done experimental observation about long period Pigu(21 days) and short period Pigu(3 days), and has proved that Pigu has no bad effect to physiology and biochemistry of human of human body. The typical change of blood and biochemical indexes, such as marked rises of Serum TP, aib, and LTT; and gradual drops os Serum TRIG and CHOL, has promoted that Pigu plays a very important role in regimen and therapeutics.
Be Pigu cases report and experimental research as mentioned above, it could be proved that the-effect of Pigu is increasing negative entropy and improving degree of order, Furthermore, during Pigu period, energy resource of the body is employed and impurity is cleared away. Finally, authors hold that, in one hand, negative entropy is gotten by Fuqi; in another hand, positive entropy of the body itself could be reduced by Pigu So the degree of order during Pigu period is much better than the one in general time.