Tentative exploration of philosophical thoughts in qigong science

Author: Hao Lianhu
Shaanxi People's Hospital, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 319 , Word Count: 867

Qigong science is based on the Doctrine of Yinyang eight divinations, the theory of five elements and the theory of Qi filling, it takes the Book of Changes as the thought guide and the union of heaven and man as nuclei, it is one of methods of investigating human body science.
Now I'd like to put my opinion about which philosophy thought are expressed by the relationship between Qigong science and the doctrine of eight divinations, the theory of five elements and Qi filling theory out to obtain beneficial results.
One: The Doctrine of Yinyang eight Divinations.
The Doctrine came from the Book of Changes, in the ancient, Heaven, earth, thunder, fire, wind, swamp, water and mountain were chosen from the nature to be a foundation in symbols those are Qian, Kun, Zhen, Li, Xuan, Dun, Kan, and Gen, with these the doctrine was formed.
On the basis, the relationships among the eight divinations were to make combinations to indicate the directions and their meanings and to show changes of the divinations, finally 64 divinations were obtained to be a evident to research the changes of nature, society, people and events.
In the Book of changes, it was considered that the universal foundation was Taiji which was the yinyang of Qi making and to which all belonged, all were produced by yin and yang Qi.
Therefore, changes had Taiji to produce Two Yi then Four Xiang and then eight divinations
It was proposed in the Book of Changes that one yin and one yang was called Tao. That item was the early expression of the contradiction principle.
Qigong theory is based on the establishment of Heaven Tao yin and yang, the establishment of earth Tao called soft and rigidity. The establishment of man Tao called humanity and justice Division of yin and yang selects softness and rigidity. It is scientific that the contradiction and combination points of Heaven Tao, Barth Tao and Man Tao and the thought of combination of HEAVEN, Barth and Man into one are used to study Qigong science.
Two: Five Flements' Theory.
- The theory of five elements has been early in Shang Book and Hongfan Five means five elements of water, five, wood, gold and earth, element (Xing) means paths and going through.
Five elements has the relationship of limitation and production. The production means wood producing fire, fire producing earth, earth producing gold, gold producing water, water producing wood.
The limitation means wood limiting earth, fire limiting gold, earth limiting water, gold limiting wood and water limiting fire, all of these have made the substance foundation for Chinese Medical Science. Qigong theory is one important part of Chinese Medical theory, it has close relationship with five Sing theory. The essential object of Qigong is to be the combination of Heaven, earth and people into the nature and to find the coming source of life. It has proved that when people enter into Qigong state, activities of head cells and other properties of them may have obvious beneficial changes, this is the substantial foundation of longevity.
Three: Qi filling theory.
This theory came from the Tao of Laozi who said 'Tao could be spoken and not the normal doctrine' here the Tao was things before Heaven and Earth and the root of everything, which was the substance of Qi and filling in the universe before the division of Heaven and earth. Since it was changed and developed, therefore, 'Tao produced one, one produced two, two produced three, and three produced everything'.
As the development of history , in the middle of Zhaiguo, the theory of Jing Qi was proposed,' considered that Qi may be sliced into two parts Jing Q. and Xing Qi, ' these was JING FROM HEAVEN AND XING FROM EARTH and from people.' In Qigong science, it is considered that Qi is the root source of life,' Qi was collected to make people , the collection means generation, the exhaustion means death.' Qi is the substantial foundation of life activities
'Returning back Qigong ' put an important emphasis on: 'Jing , Qi, Shen' which were thought as three treasures of life activities, and three elements of life, which were one body and generated each other, didn't be divided and guaranteed the peoples' health
There exists the close relationship between Qigong science and the Doctrine of Yin yang eight divination, the theory of five elements are included , as follows:
The nature, society and people consist of substantial Qi, which presuppose each other. If there had not been Heavens people could not have existed.
People are the products of the society development. Society of mankind is the development process of nature and history. The relationship of the unity of opposites exists between man and nature, which are dependent on each other, closely connected and mutually penetrated and converted, the common basis of which is yin and yang Qi, which has the identity of contradiction.
Qigong is one of the methods of researching human body Science, the distinguishing feature of which is 'good at yinYang and catching Heaven and earth', in order to regulate the body functions, return back to the nature, make the unity of heaven and man and obtain longevity.