Applications of super sense consciousness in qigong diagnosis of disease

Author: Yang Pengfei//Dong Jia
Shaanxi Qigong Science Research, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 313 , Word Count: 1040

Super sense consciousness is one kind of potential consciousness of human body. It is formed in the process of folly and freely development of human potential energy it is an inborn reaction tendency inherited in some hereditary way. It is possessed by active body , and high energetic.
The process of cognition formed by super sense consciousness does not follow principles and viewpoints of general epistemology. It has a special ideological reaction order , which cannot be grasped by general consciousness. Its understanding of things is more direct , more essential and deeper than that of human brains perceptual knowledge up to reasonable knowledge. It seems to be extremely nimble and accurate , especially in the respect of matter response and determination. This kind of consciousness has inductive phenomenon both to living and non living things , its process of cognition id not limited by time place, space and so on conditions.
Qigong diagnosis and treatment is one part of traditional chinese medicine, more over, it is comparatively high lend. Some Qigong masters who are experts in Qigong practicing and some special function holders can diagnose disease with methods of induction, perspective, image and so forth. And the accuracy is rather high compared with b type ultrasonic wave and CT , some of them even reach 100%. The authors think that this is connected with human super sense and super sense consciousness. With the aid of body surroundings, and field, light, wave, electricity and come other things between human body and living things, such super sense consciousness can make human brain carry on a special kind of ideological action to achieve the goals of analysis and determination of matters. In the respect of Qigong diagnosis, super sense consciousness shows following characteristics: 1, Directness and essence properties; 2,No logical deduction, cannot be conscious of the route from beginning subject to reaching conclusion; 3, Having firmly believing feeling about the correctness of result; 4, Quickness; 5, Paying attention to first time sense and determination. Here the authors would like to say a few words about super sense consciousness in Qigong disease diagnosis on the base of the authors' years of practicing and Qigong disease diagnosis.
The most commonly adopted method in Qigong diagnosis is inductive disease checking method, including near distance induction and far distance induction, authenticating object induction, induction, thinking transaction and etc; The second is perspective, including remote seeing . We had such experience; when checking a patient's disease through induction, First ask the patient in not far away from you and relax whole body, then the diagnoser concentrate his attention is high degree, think over the patient for a while, so with the help of self induction, the diagnoser can tell what disease the patient has. Such diagnosis is regarded as direct diagnosis, which includes two processes happening at the same time; the first is the forming process of super sense, the second is super sense consciousness functioning process. If the patient is not in front of the diagnoser or rather far away, remote induction , authenticating object induction, thinking transaction are needed ,sometimes remote seeing is needed to be combined to diagnose such diagnosis is regarded as indirect diagnosis, which also includes two simultaneous processes the first the first is the image process of super sense the second is super sense consciousness functioning process. During this diagnosing , some information should be known , such as his name , voice , things he used or words of his relatives , etc, then the diagnoser can sake are of the indirect information to simulate and manoeuvre himself's super sense consciousness , form image of the patient in the quickest speed and sake diagnosis. The image is not very deer as seen by naked eyes, it's relatively vague, hidden one minute and appeared the next some image and process are even difficult to express in language and symbols. In induction disease checking , super sense consciousness plays air rather important role , while super sense is only the connection between super sense consciousness and outside world. Fluoroscopy is a move accurate diagnosing method than that through induction Diagnoser can watch 'Qi' odour, light , or even send out light to the patient through a definite position , and then decide patient's illness according to the change of 'Qi n colour , light colour, shape , constructure and function of different organs , tissues and other things. The colour and light are sometimes identical, sometimes a little different compared with that seen by naked eyes, it can only be definitely diagnosed through special thinking process of super sense consciousness. In diagnosing, the forming process of super sense can be shortened relatively if fluoroscopy function is possessed. Thus the demands of tightness and accuracy of super sense consciousness function are to be improved to relatively high degree.
There is an old saying, quietness can produce broom. When one adjusts and controls himself to a very much quiet state, it will be easy to transfer and apply his own's super sense consciousness to complete his special process of cognition. The creation of inspiration includes this principle, too. Super sense and inspiration are identical to some extent, but they have essential difference. Inspiration is possessed by everybody, it is suddenly obtained in unconscious state through insensitive imagination or intuitive arousal. However, super sense is only possessed by Qigong expert practitioners and some special function holders, it often comes into being at the same time with the action of a strong consciousness, i.e., super sense consciousness. It is one kind of rapid distinguishment, direct comprehension and comprehensive determination of substantial phenomenon of objective reality when an expert practitioner or special function holder adjusts himself to a very quiet function state.
Knowledge gained from super sense and cognition process of super sense consciousness may be the highest level of human knowledge ,especially is the respect of knowing human itself. It has no universality, cannot be proved by present logical preferences, principle, laws or made of thinking. This type of knowledge is one kind of rather clear and reliable knowledge, which human brain gets through another route ,it remains to be deeply revealed and discussed.
The above is what the authors' point view put forward about Qigong disease diagnosis, according to themselves' years of experience and feeling, We hope to discuss with scholars who are interested in it, and to be criticized.