Super mind force --- the most marvelous force

Author: Gu Tao
Tangshan Steel Corporation, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 311 , Word Count: 512

As soon as the Great Unitary Theorists went jubilant, Carlo Lubea, one of the winners of the 1984 Nobel Physics Prize owing to his discovery of Particle W and Particle Z , which brought a
ray of hope to the final proving of the Great Unitary Theory , found the mystery that teens of unknown subatomic particles interact onto one another in the same experiment. Modern sciences appear pale and impotent in front of many new discoveries including extraordinary human power. Physics has just reach the level of quantum mechanics. Moreover , modern science has always been based on western philosophy as well as logical inferences, mathematical calculations, analogues and experiments. The former results in the fact that human society is divorcing from nature and that human beings are opposed against nature because of the world outlook of conquering nature while the latter four are running counter to the highest principle of dialectical materialism, seeking truth from facts, for striking speculation and undeniable a priori. The mere fact that a mighty spirit is now hovering over China, Asia and even the whole world, which is none other than Qigong and the ancient Chinese philosophy and culture behind , predicates that science is emphasizing synthesis instead of analysis , philosophy is turning from the west to the east , and the culture centre is shifting back from Italy to China , and that human culture is carrying within itself the seeds of revolution. It is unshakable duty and responsibility for descendants of Qigong and homeland of 'Change' to search body science in view of philosophy and culture.
That thought force can do work is a fact acceptable even to women and children. So according to one of Newton's three laws , we call the force that can do work a material one. Up to now thought force has not yet been explained scientifically though people have recorded it by different means of scientific methods. It thus remains a unknown material force. Although it has the characteristics of material things it really differs essentially from common material force in themselves in being things for themselves so it belongs to a biological force. Differing from common biological force , it is featured with thought concentration , which is peculiar to human beings. To its contrast , super thought force denies thought altogether doing work without any participation of thought. However , it is a fact which can be seen and experienced that super thought force does work , which will reveal essence of thought and origin of matter.
From the time when man consumed animals in the raw up till the days of modern civilization, Man departs more and more from nature while his ideology and culture graduates more and more to his external thing that is called wealth. Human thinking function is evolving nonstop but Man's other functions are degenerating. His living environment improves all the time but his environment for survival deteriorates step by step. In modern times when human an desires spill over , super thought force puts forward a question of great significance and gravity: Where is the world going? How can mankind better this world ?