Formation and Development of bionical qigong

Author: Hou Wei
Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shenyang, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 296 , Word Count: 1079

Preface .
The word 'bionical' in modern- science being used in this thesis , indicate that BIONICAL QI GONG is one kind of Qigong in which all the animal's features are imitated . Most part of which are moving skills , Like feature of animals' movement . Some are quiet skills . like the feature of animals' respiration . The common feature of BIONICAL-QI-GONG is to reshow the animals' movement , character , expression etc.
The BIONICAL-QI-GONG has been for long history. it takes important part in the development history of QI-GONG , and has become the part of precious Chinese culture legacy. From its coming into being, it had been making great. contribution to our Chinese people in medical care and health keeping As some reason, its' forming and developing history has not been sorted out by anyone yet.
Considering such situation, this essay- attempt to inspect its' forming and developing, so as to make it the clear and complete comprehension and get the notice of colleagues.

One The Formation of Bionical Qigong
(ONE) The forming process of BIONICAL QIGONG
First it originated from primitive imitating dance.
In primitive society, ,most kinds of dances imitated the moving feature of animal's, for instance, imitating elephant dances. these things were also rewarded in many ancient books, proved. by the unearthed culture relic, primitive imitating dances originated from the living and working of our ancestors.
4 while hunting food they often did such dances to express their : different meanings.
Primitive imitating dances were even not the BIONICAL QI
GONG initially. they had many functions they partly developed to
be Mature dances, partly to be sport athletic, martial art., and
BIONICAL QI GONG. So, the BIONICAL QI GONG was son of primitive
imitating dance.
Second the primitive imitating dance developed to be BIONIC QI GONG .
In dance exercise, people found out that dances can do them favor, prevented from disease, keep them healthy, strengthen their body, etc. Gradually, they combined such kind of dance with medical care and health- keeping into BIONICAL-QI-GONG. AT that time, people called this skill as DAO-YIN (movement of extremities).
According to 'LU SI CHUN QIU', 'LU SHI', 'JIAO FANG Jin' and some other books, dances being used to treat diseases case into being at the time of YIAO emperor.

(TWO) The historical condition of BIONICAL-QI-GONG formation
The act of imitating animal, reflected one kind of conscious in primitive being-bionical conscious It was self-conscious, connected to the act of imitating animal. Its' forming conditions are as follows:
First, imitating nature is a notable feature. while making utensils, our ancestors often got inspiration from the nature , for example, they made nets according to spiders web . The production of chinese characters started with pictograph . The traditional chinese medicine has the feature of imitating nature . In primitive art, composers made music according to wind sound. The five voices originated from imitating the voice of animal, and dances from imitating animal's movement , respiration , etc. .
Hence , the bionical conscious was not by chance , and isolated , it has based ion the nature .
The primitive economy was the circumstance for bionical conscious to bear. Because of low productive force in the primitive society , hunting was most important for people to get living supplies. They lived on animals, thus they had many chance to be near theeanimals, imitating animals' characteristics . It's possible for them to imitate animals.
The worship and totem were the ideological roots of forming

(TWO) Basic feature of BIONICAL-QIGONG
First, the coordination of moving and expression
BIONICAL QIGONG required exercises not only to imitate the animal's moving , but comprehend and reshow the animals' expression the best state was to unify the moving and expression.
Second, it is varied, colorful and interesting. The BIONICAL-QIGONG has various kinds, various gestures, etc. Each of that was very interesting.
Third, it is beautiful and artistic.
BIONICAL-QIGONG is very artistic. Its gestures are quite beautiful, and harmony with the feature of human body. It looks wonderful and feels good
Fourth. It originates from imitating animals but higher above animals.
BIONICAL-QIGONG is not simply to reshow the animals gestures. It must have had its profound meaning. Therefore, the BIONICAL-QIGONG is a skill of imitating animal but of high-level and high degree.
(THREE) Basic thought of BIONICAL QIGONG
First. Return to original purity and simplicity. This is a basic point of taoist school. The main idea of this point is to return to original purity and simplicity and nature situation. This thought is not fitable to the development of human being. But it is of great significance for cultivating QIGONG. We know that animals have not so much desires as human beings so while doing exercise , the exerciser are demanded to imitate animals parity and simplicity , to get off various distracting thoughts forget complicated personnel matter. Keep spirit calm and indulge into desireless situation.
Second, cultivating physics and spirit by unifying movement and quiet.
While exercising BIONICAL-QIGONG, it was asked to calm and parity in the mind, move body link animals' gestures, unifying movement of the body and quiet of mind, so as to cultivate the spirit and physics. It's impossible to do such exercise without harmonying moving and quiet.
(FOUR) Practical significance of BIONICAL-QIGONG
BIONICAL-QIGONG has been for thousands of years. What is its meaning , value and significance?
In modern society, psychological--physiological diseases--so called the civilized diseases increased tremendously , such kind of diseases are caused by spirit fact. It's reason is relative to social circumstance with the progress of science and technology, there have been more and more intellectual workers and lesser manual workers, many people short of moving and calmness at heart when they could not bear the press from their working and living, they would be disturbed by psychological and physiological diseases.
BIONICAL-QIGONG is fit to treat such diseases. It could free the intellectual workers from strain and made up the shortage of manual work. Besides, it's favorable to health people. So it's necessary in modern society. The development of society enlarges the application field of BIONICAL-QIGONG.
This paper probed into the formation and development of BIONICAL-QIGONG systematically. The regret is that many excellent skills had not been handed down, thus make the inherit much more difficulty. Even so, we could catch the basic thought through researching it's formation and development.
Recently, QIGONG science gets great progress, some new bionical skills are made out, like modern five-animal-sport, and ten more other bionical skills what we should do is how to advance the quality of BIONICAL-QIGONG, to establish more and better BIONICAL-QIGONG, so as to serve human being.