The research with the DQF-1 model multichannel qigong biofeedback apparatus

Author: Qin Chao//Xie Hao//Jiang Sainan//Li Qiang
Department of Physiology, Xi'an Medical University, Xi'an, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 289 , Word Count: 536

Qigong is a self-psychosomatic exercising method and theory of Chinese-. tradition. The biofeedback is a new psychosomatic therapy which fast rises in recent . years in some western countries. Taking the both advantages of these western-eastern techniques we have developed a new system know as Qigong-feedback therapy. In this way, we have made DQF-I model multichannel Qigong-biofeedbackapparutus.
Main principle of the apparatus: The electromuscular information of Qigong, resting, stress and other functional state of the body are led to the apparatus. The information which have reorganized and dealt with are multichannel feedback to sensory organs, jing luo and-nerve fluid system by vision, audio, skin sense, acupoint and soon. With. repeated training, learning and treating the multi-effects of Qigong, acupoint induction-balance, relaxation and biofeedback are enhanced so as to increase self-conscious control ability and regulating ability of autonomic nerve system. forever, the perception, emotion, viscera-somatic function and all kind of psychophysiological and biochemical processes are rearranged, reconstructed or remolded to get the purpose of treatment, recovery and opening the potentiality up.
The design principle and characteristics of the apparatus. The electromuscular information gotten inoffensively on the body surface are inputted to bio-electrical amplifier and following unit by sensor. A part of the electroinformation is transferred into light information by modulating and fixed standard network. The light information is taken as visual sense feedback system. The audio feedback system consisted on Qigong guide system, audiofrequency impulse generator and relaxation-calm-threshold circuit, the electromagnetic induction. probe and the music modulator controlled by feedback system. The Qigong skill guide with the apparatus is a series of (<CHINA QIGONG TIDE>). It is simple to learn, widely to use, and easy to get good effect. The skill guide is worked out by Qigong Masters, psychophysologists meditation, autogenic training, procreaive relaxation and other western-eastern psychosomatic exercise techniques.
With the optimal circuit design, advanced technical work and a lot of integrated circuits, the apparatus have many good characters of high sensitivity, high reliability, high stability, low power consumption. The durable, convenient to use, examine and repair.
The clinical practice is indicated that the apparatus and the Qigong-feedback therapy. used could be treated with following diseases in good effects: hypertension, neurasthenia, vasoneural headache, asthenia, gastric and duodenalulber, anxiety neurosis, diabetes, catatonic headache, hesmicrania, itch, insomeia, MBD of child, neurosis, menopausal syndrome and so on. The total efficiency is 91. 8%. Also it is good for recovering training of hemilegia, paraplegia, spinal trauma, brain paralysis and many kinds of diseases with nervemuscules. In addition, it has great applying potentials for psychotraining before athletics, relaxation training of exam-anxiety, monitoring and improving of Qigong skills, opening the student's intelligence up and so on. There are no suffering and no side effect in the therapy. It can be applicable for big middle, small, hospital, personal clinic, and family health, also for some schools and institutes.
It is verified that the principle and design of the apparatus haven't be reported in the literature at home and abroad. We are to apply for the country patent. The patent holders has legally protected.
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