Chinese super power meditation -- the experiment, healing effort, and theory of a new technique for training “qi-energy”

Author: Wu Heiming
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 267 , Word Count: 1519

The reason to start
Since January of 1986, the author, Wu Hsi-Ming, has generated hot energy in his whole body. Moreover, he has acquired an extraordinary power and marvelous endowment on medical cure, and healed many incurable patients whom had abandoned by western and Chinese doctors. In September of the same year, the author has established a training program e of Chinese Superpower Meditation'. So far, it has been more than three years.
The special features of the establishment of 'Chinese Superpower Meditation' are:
(1). The author has never having any regular or persistent training before be generated hot energy in his whole body.
(2). During the process of furtherance, the author also never intensively or actively to train himself.
(3). The establishment of 'Chinese Superpower Meditation' is totally due to accidentally circumstances.

The Process of Experiment
From the period of January to September of 1986, it was in the stage of experiment. Since the author generated hot energy in his body, not only he become very healthy but also he does not feel cold even during the rigid winter season by wearing only a single T-shirt. Moreover, he only having one meal during one day and doesn't get sick of any kind till now. Furthermore, he had generated some incredible power for example to cure all kinds of diseases even the incurable disease by using hand only; to distribute his 'qi' (energy) from remoteness, to stop rain, to get wind to hypnotize by using psychokinesis; to look for a missing person by using psychokinesis; to change the room temperature. Furthermore, his eyes, ears, nose, hand, body and mind are having mysterious perceivable power. He also can use psychokinesis to generate energy to the 10.000-audience-hall so as to lead the movement of their body.

The Process of Furtherance
Since September of 1986, the author started to furtherance his training course. It contains strengthening the body, treatment of diseases, development of potential energy and training of paranormal abilities. Till now for more than two years, he had trained some 2,000 students. It is really a considerable achievement.
According to the statistical results, more than 90% of the students who accepted specified training evidently, have effective result in the physical strengthening against diseases
The recovery from diagnostic illness after training including internal organ system such as gastroenteritis-liver ailment, renal ailment, urogenital disorders and hemorrhoids; internal secretary system such as athletic and youthful improvement, weight reduction, hair regrowth; otolaryngology disorders; circulatory system such as heart attack, high blood pressure, skeleton and joints syndrome, skin diseases; reinforcement of immunity such as cold and fever, resistance of cancer and tumor; neurological system such as insomnia; brain and neurologenic disorder, Dental illness, autism, baby nocturnal crying, rectification of the deviation for training technique; eat
During the period of furtherance, by training 'Chinese Superpower Meditations can cure most of the diseases
The effort of development of potential energy and training paranormal abilities, sore than 80% of the students who according the specified course were developed and trained various kind of potentiality and paranormal abilities such as to cure diseases by using hand; to have special perceivable power on their eyes, ears, nose, hand, body, mind and others organ;-to distribute their energy from remoteness, to distribute their energy to a group Mostly tot the faster student, he has the ability to distribute his 'qi' (energy) after three times of training

The Accordance to The Establishment of Theory
The establishment theory on 'Chinese Superpower Meditations are completed now There are three accordance
(1) According to the experience accumulated and inducted for physical strengthening Treatment of diseases and training of paranormal al abilities within these three years There are many fields had surpassed the traditional theory and method.
(2) After reference to various kinds of traditional records for theory and method The author well digested and blend it
(3) To establish an unique idea of the theory to meet the requirement of a new era.

New Theory of The 'Chinese Superpower Meditations'
(1) The teacher spreads the 'Congenital qi-energy' into the body
or the part of illness of students and patients Not always must according to the ren & du channels (ren-du-er-mai), meridians(jin-luo) or points(xue-uai) of the traditional method However, the effort can be seen directly.
(2) The author's 'Congenital qi-energy' can be shift automatically Under general circumstances, it is a kind of 'heat energy For those who belongs to hot bodily constitution such as suffered from deceptive heat energy in the body, high blood pressure, fever and cold; the 'Congenital qi-energy' will cold down automatically. Meanwhile, because different degree and portion of possibility of the channels, the author's 'Congenital qi-energy' may shift utomatically to electric energy fragrant energy, light energy, forced energy, etc. Furthermore, the 'Congenital qi- energy' can be transmitted to the patient's illness portion without diagnosis. So as to root out the source of diseases.

(3). As the author proceeds the 'Congenital qi-energy' to the points (xue-uai) or channels(mai-lun) on the top of the student's and patient's head, they will automatically receive the 'Congenital qi-energy' from the top of the head. Then, they can practice qi-energy during the whole day even they are walking; working, resting or sleeping.

(4). The effect of the method for curing diseases and training paranormal abilities by using giving external energy i.e. 'Congenital qi-energy' is more promptly and obviously from the postnatal qi-energy.

(5). The power of the author to distribute external energy i.e. 'Congenital qi-energy' to cure diseases is very strong, it can easily root out the source of the diseases. So the patient is required to has confident. During the process of 'root out disease', the author distribute the second time of 'Congenital qi-energy' in order to release pain and uncomfortable without medical treatment.

(6). Because of using distribution of external energy i.e. 'Congenital qi-energy' to cure diseases, the channels in the whole body can easily to pass freely. So one can easily to produce mysterious perceivable power. However, one may also easily felt the 'perverse qi' (negative energy) to sake his uncomfortable. So the student is Required to reinforce the training of energy. The author also can reinforce the distribution of the external energy in order to reinforce the energy of students and patients.

(7). Healing is a pessimistic method. However, improving the physical health is the only basic principle. So, the Chinese Superpower Meditation' emphasis on improving of physical health, disagree with healing. Healing is the method for no other alternatives. This concept is because healing will mike the healer (regardless the doctor is using 'qi' i.e. inner energy, acupuncture and moxibustion, physical - treatment, message, Chinese traditional treatment or Western physical treatment not only disperse his personal 'qi' (energy) but also infect the patient's foul 'qi'.

(8). All kinds of phenomenon in the universe are involved in the convection theory. That is same as contact among people. So, the strong or week of the doctor's 'qi' energy is directly proportional to the treatment effect. The state (good or worse) of the bodily 'qi' will mutually convert and affect when contact among people.

(9). So, the training effect of various technique is directly proportional to the teacher's energy. Even the effect of self motivated exercise and if it is controllable is also directly proportional to the teacher's energy and the righteousness of the student's attitude.

(10). Spiritual treatment is more important than physical treatment. (It is quoted from the statistical report of the Yale University of U.S.A.) This is correspondence to the universal natural way. So the rectification of the deviation for training technique, the basic method is changing mentality to righteousness. (no covetousness and no impractical thought but be intellect and be objective) Then, adding the external energy to rectify it. Moreover, according to the experiment of Chinese Superpower Meditation 'j the teacher who having high degree of both mentally and physically also can reach the effect of spiritual treatment.

(11). The 'Chinese Superpower Meditation' has blended the science of qi-gong, science of paranormal ability, superpsychology, super-physics, electromagenetgravitism, buddism, taoism, yoga and various school of science and philosophy theory. It promote the concept of 'The integrity of the science of the human body'.

(12). The 'Chinese Superpower Meditation' promote 'Psychokinesis behold in mind', that means 'meditation' and 'get your mind into vacancy'. This 'substantial vs vacant dual-technique-practice' is the highest technique and it surpassed the generality simple breathing method.

(13). All the technique are relatively to the adaptation of the body. It is not absolutely in practice. The 'Chinese Superpower Meditation' are according this principle. The training is according to the student's standard and ability. Gentle and proper technique are taught at the beginning. When reach a certain stage, the strict method are given.

(14). The paranormal ability should be applied on significant affairs and society or else will suffered from the reaction of the universal natural power. For example, apply on treatment, to pray for the peacefulness of the world and others significant affairs.

Aim of 'Chinese Superpower Meditation'
The aim of the furtherance of 'Chinese Superpower Meditation' are as follows:
(1). To promote the perfectly calm technique and to pursue all mankind's universal health.
(2). To enhance well-disposed hearts and mild temperament and to pursue the peacefulness of the world coming sooner.