He-xiang-zhuang’s keeping good health spontaneous motion

Author: Wu Qinge
Malaysia [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 259 , Word Count: 591

1. Practice needs correct idea.
It is the most important thing that practice needs correct idea because vital energy is derived fro- correct idea and 'right-Gong' is derived from vital energy. When practice reaches a certain level, correct idea can be turned into a kindred strength which is generated in body to make the people comfortable and eliminate illness. Qigong, with a long history, which is the Chinese treasure has been a good way to-cure and build body and benefit for longevity for many years, 'He-Xiang-Zhuang' which is very scientific and fit for scientific law of human beings is one of the Chinese traditional Qi-Gong.
Qi-Gong existed thousands of years ago, which was called 'motion-Qi', 'introduction', 'get rid of and -take in', 'sit in meditation', 'quiet sitting', 'standing-Zhuang', 'action'; 'laying-Gong'. Although there are many ways to exercise it, Qigong by nature can maintain dynamic equilibrium between 'ying' and 'youg' to rest to attain mental tranquality because it can make 'kidney - water' up and 'internal heat' down by the breath training and concentration.
Qi-gong which has a lot of ways to practice includes three main points: regulating mind, regulating breath, regulating body. The 'five-section-motion' of 'He-Xiang-Zhuang' must go together with 'standing-Zhuang' so as to fast -keep good health and cure illness by dredging the acupuncture and moving body blood. If practicing go together with medicine, illness will be cured Lastly with your practicing, taking medicine and avoiding certain food. If you live an irregular life and do not notice food and drink, you will suffer from old illness again. So long as practicing 'standing-Zhuangn while exercising 'five-section-motion' you will train not only your bones and muscles externally but also essence of life and 'Qi n internally to keep good health. You must be selfishness, magnanimous and big-hearted if you want to keep quiet and relaxation which is fundamental condition of Qi-Gong. Only do this can you often keep you happy and avoid being annoyed by anything Something is prohibited as follows:
l). schizophrenia;
2). overtired;
3). griei and joy intermingled;
4). senstrual and gestation period.
It's confidence, determination and perseverance that make a lot of practitioners successfully recover from illness. At the same time it's important not to pursue spontaneous motion on purpose and add Ma mistaken idea with correct posture, quiet, relaxation and natural breath.

2. Spontaneous motion varies from person to person.
As far as 'motion' is concerned, still exists in movement. It has many functions as follows;
1). open acupuncture point';
2). train consciousness;
3). dredge the acupuncture and move body blood;
4). train kidney, bone and 'mai'(channel).
It can build body and cure illness through a kind of air generated in body, which nix 'outer-Qi' with 'inter-Qi' to go around body, whose function is supply 'pure-Qi'-for tissues and organs of body.
As far as 'standing-Zhuang' is concerned, movement is in still. It has many functions:
l). make body soft;
2). mold a person's temperament;
3). make 'pure-Qi' go along acupuncture channel, example given: if there are something wrong with a certain part of body, which stops up acupuncture channel to keep 'pure-Qi' from running, 'pure-Qi' will lash at the abnormal pulse to make limbs spontaneous move to cure illness. It is necessary for someone whose spontaneous motion is very violent because of serious illness to let others help'. The patient is on the mend with acupuncture channel's open so that the action turn from strong to soft and outer to inter. At the same time the Qi of tree could remedy-the 1088 of body and the waste Qi could be send out by making use of something wooden.