The yoga perspective. Part I. The somatopsychic imbalance in asthma: towards a holistic therapy

Author: Goyeche JR//Ago Y//Ikemi Y
Conference/Journal: Journal of Asthma Research
Date published: 1980
Other: Volume ID: 17 , Issue ID: 3 , Pages: 111-21 , Word Count: 152

While the standard physiological and even certain psychological characteristics of asthmatic patients are well known, the current diagnostic and therapeutic approach to asthma remains inadequate, as it neglects certain interrelated somatopsychic factors vital to an optimal diagnostic-therapeutic programme. These include the role of skeletal muscle tension and posture, the role of the 'voluntary' respiratory musculature, especially the diaphragm, as well as anxiety, emotional suppression and excessive self-consciousness, all of which may be precipitants rather than the outcome of the onset of asthma. On the basis of these neglected factors and others, implications for an optimally effective therapy are discussed. The physical medicine or physiotherapeutic, as well as other recent therapeutic approaches, are reviewed and evaluated. It is concluded that all of these therapies are too 'specific,' and that a more holistic approach is necessary (which is provided in 'Asthma: The Yoga Perspective,' Part II-'Yoga Therapy in the Treatment of Asthma').