The yoga perspective. Part II: Yoga therapy in the treatment of asthma

Author: Goyeche JR//Abo Y//Ikemi Y
Conference/Journal: Journal of Asthma
Date published: 1982
Other: Volume ID: 19 , Issue ID: 3 , Pages: 189-201 , Word Count: 109

The integral yoga approach to asthma (and other psychosomatic disorders) is briefly outlined as meeting all of the requirements for an optimal, holistic, somatopsychic therapy (as outlined in Part I), including correction of distorted posture and faulty breathing habits, teaching a system of general muscle relaxation, techniques for the release of suppressed emotion and for reducing anxiety and self-conscious awareness, as well as special methods for the expectoration of mucus. Yoga practices are described in detail and the available psychophysiological research on yoga practice, as well as clinical-therapeutic studies on yoga as asthmatic therapy, are reviewed. It can therefore be concluded that yoga therapy is most effective with asthma.