Reiki-plus natural healing: An ethnographic/experimental study. Source

Author: Schlitz MJ//Braud J//William G
Washington Research Center & the Foundation for Human Science, US
Conference/Journal: PSI Research
Date published: 1985
Other: Volume ID: 4 , Issue ID: 3-4 , Pages: 100-123 , Word Count: 121

Studied the ability of 3 mental healing practitioners who specialized in a particular method of 'energy' healing (Reiki ) to influence volunteer Ss who had no particular health complaints. During the experimental sessions, Ss' skin resistance was monitored, and a polygraph readout of that activity was displayed to the healer, who was isolated in a separate room 20 m away. Each session included 10 30-sec influence periods (during which the healer would attempt to calm the S's autonomic activity through various mental strategies) and 10 30-sec control periods (during which the healer would either do nothing or would attempt to activate the physiological activity of the S). While overall results were not statistically significant, the study provided extensive qualitative ethnographic and phenomenological data on Reiki healing.