Eight treasures? Jin Gang Gong (eight treasures inherited from Buddhism)

Author: Zhu Changfa
Shanghai, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 248 , Word Count: 1544

The original name of 'Ba Bao Jin Gang Gong' is 'Tian Hccang Ba Jin Gang Gong. This type of Qigong was invented by the Buddhists with the essential combination cow the Chinese boxing and divination symbols. Of course, it is quite helpful to health and longevity.
This type of Qigong possesses the following characteristics: Strong and Soft
Active and Calm
relaxing and comfortable
What are the effects after practicing this type of Qigong? After practicing it will cures spinal diseases, rheumatism, neurasthenia and digestive diseases.
This type of Qigong will make young men more energetic and week will promote their health and longevity.
According to the responses of the most practitioners, they think it is easy to learn and feel of Qi and it does not take a long time to have a good result. After practicing they regard that it does a good to their health, mind and eyesight. Moreover, they do their work with vitality and they live a happy life because of its curing their diseases, such as gastric ulcer, hysteria, shoulder rheumatism, etc.
In order to develop and popularize Qigong and let sore people both at home and abroad 'grasp it is quite necessary to simplify it. In accordance with Master Su Gensheng's teaching and my own understanding, I'd' like to introduce to you the three simplified types of Qigong. It is certain that the ancient Qigong will be in full blossom and do a good to the human beings.
Due to my limited knowledge ,it is too haste to finish this article. I think it's very difficult to avoid making some mistakes and I sincerely help the reader would point them out as to improve this article.

Tian Wang Tuo Ta (The King Raising The Tower)
Preparing position:
Stand with relaxation and calm and with feet shoulder aidth apart. Hands naturally hang down and eyes look forward or downward. The tip of your tongue touches your palate slightly. Breathe slowly and concentrate your palate slightly. Breathe slowly and concentrate your attention through your head, neck, shoulder, backbone, waist, hip to knee joints and relax your whole body.

A. Raise your right hand to stomach(to the level of your
navel.) with your palm upward and then slowly raise it through your chest to the level of your face. Then raise it continuously up to the sky with your palm turning over st 360 degree through Baihui point and at the same time your body turns to the left with two feet standing still. Concentrate your mind on your left palm pushing downward.
B. Turn your right hand with palm facing your face, move it down(relax your arm)through your chest to your stomach. Then ,turn your left hand with palm facing upward and raise it slowly through the chest to the level of your face with your pals turning over at 360 degree. Raise it continuously up to the sky and at the same time turn your body to the right. Concentrate your mind on your right palm pushing downward. Then turn your left palm to the sky and your right palm downward.
C. According to the procedure A. B., practice your two hands in turn for 20 - 30 minutes.

Key points:
A. When raising your hands, relax your' whole body. Especially when pushing your palms up to the sky, relax your neck and backbone. When pushing your palms downward, relax your neck, chest, waist, hip, knee and joints. All your movements should be even, gentle and continuous.
B. If you do these movements skillfully under the consideration with concentration, you will get a better result. When raising your hands, concentrate your mind on the Yongquan point, through your two legs, then your changqiong. Mingmen, Dazui, Fenma to Baihui acupoints. When your palm coming down, concentrate your mind on the Baihui, through Yintang. Renzhong, Chengjiang, Shanzhong, Dantian, Huaiying acupoints, then through your legs to Yongquan acupoint.

Qian Shou Guan Qi ( Guide Air by Thousands of Hands )
Preparation position:same as the previous
1. Concentrate your mind on 'Laogong' acupoint and stretch and gradually and turn your palm forward and upward;then stretch and raise your arms slowly. Simultaneously direct your mind from 'Yongquan' acupoint along the two legs up to 'Changqiang' and 'Mingmen' acupoints.
2. You look like to raise the sky with middle finger to middle finger and turn your palms upward on 'Baihui' acupoint. Raise your hand left and right alternatively but not raising heels.
3. Turn your palms downward as empty fists toward your face and then lower them gradually with relaxing your body and then lower them gradually with relaxing your body and seem to focus attention on pressing the boundless atmosphere downward.
4. Lower your pales before the chest and turn them just back to back downward with the chest in and head down. Relax loins and upper legs and knees gradually with palms toward the ground and making a semicircle from forward to backward then resting your hands on both sides. Simultaneously concentrate your mind frog 'Dantian' to 'Huiyin' and then up to 'Yongquan' points on both legs.
5. Concentrate your mind on 'Yongquan' acupoints and gradually stand erect with directing vital energy along your legs through du channel from Changqiang - Mingmen up to ''Baihui' acupoint and lower your hands naturally (same as the preparation position. )
6. Relax your body downward and concentrate your mind on 'Baihui' along ren channel to 'Yongquan' with a mouthful of saliva down.
7. Concentrate your mind on 'Laogong' acupoints of both hands with your body forward and stretch your hands backward and outward like holding a ball and slowly narrowing to the abdomen with vital energy in to 'Dantian' acupoint and then direct it to 'Yongquan'. Finally put your hands on each side of the body (same as the preparation position).
8. Begin with '1' in succession for 20 -30 minutes. To pay attention to the following main points:
(1) If your neck is abnormal, your should raise your head and look at your hands and make your neck stretch backward according to your real condition while you look like to raise.
(2) Those who are old undo weak or suffer from hypertension don't get yourselves too low or too quickly while kneeling down.
(3) Just leave it as it is and worry about when you feel air reaching with hands shivering and jumping.

Tian Zi Zhan Zhuang
A: Stand with turning your two toes in and with feet shoulder width apart. Concentrate your find on the Yongquan acupoint. Stand with the knee bending slight, the hands naturally hanging down and eyes looking forward. Breath slowly and deeply and relax your whole body.
B: Your arms hold your belly slightly just like holding a big ball and gather Qi three tomes on Dantian acupoint.
C: Stand with chest in, chin slightly withdrawn, two hands holding on your waist, eyes looking down at tip of your nose, then removing to Shangzhong, Dantian acupoint, then eyes closed Concentrating your mind on Dantian acupoint.
D: A few minutes later you feel your Dantian acupoint begin to quiver, then your whole body. Gradually, it will quiver quickly (Somebody even will move up and down) and it Will last for a few minutes before it-quiver weaker. After that, stand with the knee straight and eyes opening,> -our whole body's quivering becomes stop and is in a relaxing and calming position.
Complete the exercise, Stand still with hands hanging down
to Yongquan acupoint naturally and direct your turbid Qi down to the ground with concentration. Before completing the exercise, you should repeat these five points for several times.

Explanations :
(A) The fourth point said that somebody will quiver naturally. This often happens after practicing for one to two weeks. Somebody will feel hot, bloated or insensitive on one's arms and legs. If this happens, don't worry. You should relax your whole body. But someone even has no quivering. That's also a normal phenomenon.
(B) Some special patients will roll on the ground while practicing Qigong. After that they will feel comfortable and relaxing.
(C) After practicing Qigong you shouldn't have a cold bath and scold drink. '
(D) You should stick to the practice and will come slowly, but surely.

Indications and Bffects:
Effects on heart, intestines and so on.
As a result of practising 'Tian Wang Tuo Ta' and 'Qian Shou Quan Qi', you will tremble all over the body, especially when you stand to practice Qigong. During this process, it will massage your organs automatically so as to relax tendons and invigorate blood circulation.
Mediastina, heart add main blood-vessels are passively expanded through rhythmic trembling(or shivering). Meanwhile it will improve heart functions so as to prevent from being cirrhosis of arteries.
With more expansions of mediastina, it will promote the vital(or breathing Capacity. And at the same time the stomach, intestines, liver, bladdergall and so on are directly massaged with the result 'of readjusting the functions of stomach and intestines and various glands AS well. This will greatly help the atrophied gastritis patients of gastric ulcer, it is helpful to readjust their stomach liquid.
This type of Qigong is of great effect to those who suffer frog gastritis, duodenal ulcer, the swollen liver, cirrhosis of the liver, ulcerative colitis stone. It's especially wonderful to relax binding bowels.