The Clinical Study on 250 cases of Rheumatic Arthritis with Complex Treatment: Acupuncture and Pressing Acupoints with 220 volt Alternating Current Combined with Practicing Mind-guiding-movement Qigong

Author: Ren Q 1//Mu B 2
Xinjiang Normal University [1]//Xinjiang Centre for Hygiene and Epidemic Control [2]
Conference/Journal: Chinese Manipulation & Qigong Therapy
Date published: 1995
Other: Volume ID: 1 , Pages: 26-28 , Word Count: 193

To study the effect on Rheumatic Arthritis with complex treatment: acupuncture and pressing acupoints with 220 volt alternating current combined with practicing mind-guiding-movement Qigong.
All 250 subjects were outpatients cases including 108 males and 142 females with the average ages 24.18°¿11.30(ranged between 9 and 64)and the average course 31.5 years (between 15 days and 49 years). The affected parts of 241 cases lain in extremities, while another 9 cases spondyle. Except 8 cases, all had received many other therapy, but without effect.
All subjects were asked to practice mind-guiding-movement Qigong, once or twice a day, so as to stretch all joints of the body. With 220 volt wires in left hand, Qigong master guided Qi to press acupoints, acupuncture and /or massage in order to improve the patients’ microcirculation.
Every 10 days was taken as a course.
168 cases completed 1~2 treatment courses; 54 cases 3 courses; 21cases 4 courses, while 7 cases stop the treatment by themselves.
102 cases (40.80%) showed the clinical recovery (clinical symptom disappeared with recover function); 95 cases (38.00%) showed distinct effect (clinical symptom disappeared with recover function, only felt pains sometime when weather changed); 53 cases (21.20%) showed some effect (clinical symptom ameliorated greatly).
It seems that this kind of complex treatment was beneficial to the Rheumatic Arthritis.